eCommerce is a burgeoning sector with significant financial risks. The size and location of your online store’s audience are not the only things to take into account when choosing your hosting company. Furthermore, security and performance are crucial elements.

Your online store will be slow if your provider is too. Your online store is unavailable if your provider is. This results in a poor user experience and possible revenue loss.

The importance of choosing the best hosting company for eCommerce is demonstrated by performance, in addition to numerous other factors like usability or security.

We’ll also walk you through the features you need to consider and demonstrate how these eCommerce web hosts fare in those categories.

How to Choose Best Ecommerce Hosting for Your Business

You can take into account a few factors that will make picking a reliable host for your online store simple:

  • Website requirements. eCommerce websites tend to be large. Determining how much storage you’ll need for all of your content is therefore necessary. For your website to function properly, additional plugins or integrations are required. Additionally, your website should have enough bandwidth to prevent site crashes during traffic peaks.
  • Hosting Type. You can choose a shared, cloud, or VPS hosting solution to host an eCommerce website. The size and volume of traffic to your website will determine your choice. Shared hosting has a small amount of storage and bandwidth, whereas cloud and VPS are much better suited for small to medium-sized online stores with moderate traffic.
  • Security. To protect the privacy, information, and files of you and the users of your website, you must ensure that you have all the most recent security features. An SSL certificate, adhering to PCI (payment card industry) guidelines, stopping DDoS attacks, avoiding spam and malware, and maintaining website backups are a few examples.
  • Performance. If you want to attract visitors by appearing high on search results, speed is crucial for both customers and search engines. You should aim for results with an average server response time of less than 600 ms and a fully loaded time of up to 3 seconds.
  • Management Features. A hosting provider’s usability can make or break it in no uncertain terms. Standard cPanel control panels are available from some providers, and they are simple to use even for total beginners. Similar to the cPanel in organization are other people’s customized control panels.

5 Best Cheap Ecommerce Hosting Providers 2023

We tested each of our top web hosting companies before narrowing the field down to our top picks for the best eCommerce hosting. Here is our list of hosting companies that will undoubtedly give you the performance and security results you require, as well as the features and capabilities you’ll need to host your store.

1. ASPHostPortal – Budget Ecommerce Hosting Provider


Being well-funded is not necessary for e-commerce success, especially with web hosting companies like ASPHostPortal.

It provides simple, one-click installations for a number of different content management systems, including WordPress with WooCommerce and nopCommerce, while SSL, weekly backups, firewalls, and server monitoring guarantee your online business has the highest level of security.

Your website is hosted on specially designed Intel Xeon Quad Core Processor, which are designed to provide lightning-fast page loading times.

You can host your website closest to your target audience thanks to ASPHostPortal’s twelve data centers around the world (the US, UK, France, Netherlands, Germany, Singapore, Australia, Italy, India, Canada, Hong Kong and Brazil). With 99.9% uptime and optimal speed made possible, you can benefit from this.

A feature called access manager is also available to make collaboration simple. Give each member of your team their own account so they can assist you in managing your online store.

Despite having such great features, ASPHostPortal continues to be one of the most cost-effective e-commerce hosting companies available.

Under ASPHostPortal’s ecommerce hosting plans, you can choose 4 hosting plans, but it is highy recommended for you to start from their Host Two or Host Three plan.

  • Host One — $3.81 per month
  • Host Two — $7.21 per month,
  • Host Three — $11.46 per month

There’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee on all the plans. – Best Managing High Traffic Websites is the ecommerce web hosting company for you if your website consistently receives a lot of traffic and downtime is not an option.

It has a ton of high-performance features and a service level agreement (SLA)-guaranteed 100% uptime guarantee. With this, you essentially have the strongest possible assurance of speed and dependability for web hosting.

Popular CMS platforms like WordPress, nopCommerce, and Umbraco can be installed with just one click. You can concentrate on managing your online store because will help to maintain your website always working on optimum performance.

It has been created with a user-friendly and expert control panel for both basic and sophisticated configurations, and there are no restrictions on the quantity of goods you can sell. Additionally, you receive website staging, unrestricted traffic, a number of premium features that increase sales, and first-rate customer service.

You receive fully protected servers and SSL certificates to secure your website in terms of security. Custom firewalls, 24/7 server monitoring, and off-site backups make one of the most reliable ecommerce hosting providers on the market. currently offers the following three ecommerce hosting plans:

  • Shared Hosting — Starting from €3.49 per month
  • Cloud Hosting — Starting from €3.99 per month
  • Managed VPS hosting — Starting from €17.99 per month

3. UKWindowsHostASP.NET – Best Ecommerce for Small Online Store

UKWindowsHostASP.NET goes above and beyond in terms of delivering specialized hosting for popular e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce and NopCommerce.

Setting up is now simpler than ever thanks to auto-installation, and content delivery networks (CDNs) like Cloudflare help increase loading times and please visitors. Choose from 18 shopping cart apps, and all plans include a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate.

You will receive first-rate customer service around-the-clock. Other necessities for running a business are also covered, such as unmetered bandwidth, free eShop transfers, and marketing email accounts.

In a nutshell, you receive everything you require to launch your online store.

Another service that places a high priority on speed and security is UKWindowsHostASP.NET. While security is improved by web application firewalls (WAFs), daily backups, and constant monitoring, speed is significantly improved by a customized ASP.NET setup, the IIS web server, 3-level caching, and on-site optimization.

Additionally, the uptime guarantee is around 99.98%, translating to just one hour and 45 minutes of downtime annually.

4. DiscountASP – One of Other Ecommerce hosting recommendation

DiscountASP’s ecommerce web hosting service is an excellent option for those looking to build or scale their online businesses.

Its basic shared plans come with unlimited bandwidth and free SSL certificates. Premium plans include unlimited storage and websites. One-click shopping cart installations and multiple ecommerce apps further make starting an online store quick and hassle-free.

High-quality security is one of DiscountASP’s key advantages.

You can plan automatic backups to secure your data and receive ongoing malware protection in addition to SSL certificates. Be aware that the security offering isn’t very sophisticated but sufficient to safeguard your store effectively.

SSD space is already installed on every DiscountASP account to enhance loading times. In actuality, servers powered by SSDs perform 5–20 times better than HHD-based websites.

DiscountASP also provides quick customer service, and all employees are required to complete 160 hours of customer service training prior to starting work.

5. Gearhost

Gearhost is a cost-effective, totally customizable option for your hosting requirements for online stores. It has sufficient resources to support the smooth operation of a small eCommerce website. The billing is also very appealing for those on a tight budget.

Ecommerce Features: Gearhost gives you access to an unlimited number of websites, storage, and business emails. Additionally, it supports a variety of payment processors and makes it simple to run either a full-featured eCommerce site or a limited number of products on your website.

Security: Security is taken extremely seriously. All necessary tasks, including SSL, backups, firewalls, malware scanning, and even disaster recovery, are handled for you by Gearhost.

Interface: You receive a common and user-friendly interface for hosting management.

Performance: Gearhost has a user limit, in contrast to other widely used platforms. It only has servers in the US and only uses 50% of its server capacity. This guarantees that there are sufficient resources available to provide small businesses with the best eCommerce hosting without encountering any problems. The servers, however, are only found in the US.

Customer service: Gearhost provides a variety of ways to contact them for assistance, including phone, email, live chat, and Messenger.

Price: With a discount, Gearhost is available with monthly, 6-month, and yearly plans for as little as $5.00/month. In addition, it offers four hosting plans.

Overall, Gearhost is a hassle-free choice when you need a straightforward and dependable provider. It’s excellent for companies that want to branch out into online sales.

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