A distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) assault occurs when hackers utilize an army of bots to flood a website or app with fictitious traffic. It’s like a sudden, torrential downpour that overwhelms the sewer system. Your website, app, or hosted game may not function as a result of a DDoS attack.

Fortunately, attacks can be stopped, and hosting packages with DDoS protection are available for all price ranges and types of websites. Other measures to improve overall website security might also be available. If you have a straightforward website or landing page, the price options range from very low to premium, depending on how busy your e-commerce site is.

I’ve developed a list of the three providers with the best security features, such as firewalls and other anti-DDoS safeguards, malware detection, and other practical services and features. The reason ASPHostPortal is at the top of my list is that it offers an exclusive security solution, infinite resources, and a reasonable pricing. Or continue reading to locate a web server that will satisfy your particular security requirements (and more).

What Qualifies as the Best DDoS-Protected Web Host?

I picked three reliable security providers that offer good value for your money. The other things I sought for from each supplier are listed below:

  1. Extra security measures. The security of your site should include firewalls, malware detection, SSL certificates, and automatic virus checks.
  2. Backups. Frequent data storage and backups can help to defend your website from attacks. If you need to make changes to your website or revert to a previous version, backups are very helpful.
  3. Site migration. Services to move your website into a secure web server as-is offer assistance with what might be a difficult operation.
  4. Reliable technical assistance. In the case of an assault, technical help is crucial around-the-clock.

3 Best Hosting Solutions for DDOS Protection

1. ASPHostPortal – Unbreakable Security and Rich Features Hosting

A unique security mechanism and several unrestricted resources are included in the ASPHostPortal Standard Shared Hosting package. The ASPHostPortal security package does automatic virus scans, stops web attacks, and verifies visitors’ IP addresses against recognized blacklists.

In the event that your website is ever compromised, ASPHostPortal will look into the incident, restore your website, and make adjustments to stop future attacks of a similar nature. A service-level agreement (SLA) is also in place to ensure network availability.

The content of your website is automatically cached to provide additional security. This also helps with typical traffic spikes, such as when you conduct a temporary promotional campaign on your website.

Daily backups from ASPHostPortal are free, and they provide full monthly backups to their cloud storage. Help is offered around-the-clock, and competent experts reply right away.

Beginners are provided with thorough lessons on all facets of ASP.NET hosting, including site migrations and ASP.NET administration. Moreover, ASPHostPortal will offer additional discounts to non-profit organizations and students.


  • Up-to date security features. ASPHostPortal provides malware databases and machine learning firewalls.
  • Host Unlimited Websites. The entry-level plan from ASPHostPortal enables you to develop and maintain an unlimited number of websites. Performance may be constrained because this is simply shared hosting, but it may be useful if you want to launch a variety of small- to medium-sized websites that don’t receive a lot of traffic.
  • Guarantee. A 30-day money-back guarantee is offered by ASPHostPortal on their Standard Web Hosting package.

Check our expert ASPHostPortal review for more information.

2. HostForLIFE.eu – Premium Security with Unlimited Features

Top European ASP.NET hosting service HostForLIFE.eu provides top-notch security, including DDoS protection. If you want to establish an ASP.NET website and you anticipate high traffic, this host is the best option.

Plans from HostForLIFE include performance-improving elements that are not offered by low-cost providers, like 24 hours of monthly autoscaling for traffic surges.

HostForLIFE’s ASP.NET hosting plans also feature free site migration, daily backups, and automatic updates. Firewall protection and virus cleanup are additional security measures.


  • Content Delivery Network. With numerous servers positioned around the globe, HostForLIFE.eu offers its custom Edge CDN. These servers cache content (such as photos and code) from your site to send it more rapidly to users who are close to these servers.
  • Multiple Data Centers in Europe. The HostForLIFE’s CDN is just one of its many international data centers. You can select the many data centers with them, for example France, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, and also Italy data center. And they also have other data centers in US that you can choose as an alternative.
  • Uptime Guarantee. A service level agreement that is part of the HostForLIFE.eu plans ensures complete access to power and connectivity. HostForLIFE.eu will repay the customer a portion of the monthly price in the unlikely event of an outage.
  • Money Back Guarantee. A 30-day money-back guarantee is included with all plans.

Read our expert reviews about HostForLIFE.eu for more details.

3. UKWindowsHostASP.NET – Comprehensive DDoS Mitigation on an Easy-to-Use Platform

UKWindowsHostASP.NET have various ASP.NET hosting plan that you can choose, start from shared hosting, reseller hosting, cloud hosting, and also dedicated server. The entry-level Starter plan will do if you’re just starting out with a single website, and the Economy, Developer, and Enterprise plans accommodate more websites and more traffic.

The performance-improving Optimizer ASP.NET caching was created by UKWindowsHostASP.NET and is optimized for its hosting platform. Moreover, a plugin that strengthens website security by thwarting brute force assaults and unauthorized logins has been developed by the company.

Further security features of UKWindowsHostASP include a tiered defense with personalized firewalls and daily offshore backups. Visitors to your website are tracked, and suspect IP addresses are blacklisted. By preventing dangerous scripts from running on the server, system directories are protected.


  • AI bot defense system. The AI-driven anti-bot technology helps to shield your website from unauthorized access (s). It conserves hosting resources by thwarting brute force attacks before they might damage your website.
  • Great interface. Uploading files and managing content is simple with the Site Tools control panel from UKWindowsHostASP. Regardless of your degree of technological expertise, the interface is simple to use. You can control email accounts, schedule updates, and improve the functionality of your website.
  • Speed. UKWindowsHostASP.NET uses highest industry-leading infrastructure, which allows it to optimize performance for the heavy workload required by ASP.NET websites.
  • Support. Each of UKWindowsHost’s plans comes with high-end technical assistance that is offered in many different languages.

These Are the Top ASP.NET Hosting Servers for DDoS Protection

All of the ASP.NET hosting companies I’ve researched have the required protection to guard against DDoS assaults and maintain the functionality of your website. The ideal option from this list will depend on your website’s requirements and available money, but if you still need some guidance, here are my suggestions.

ASPHostPortal is my top suggestion if you’re looking for a cost-effective ASP.NET hosting choice with a strong proprietary security solution. In the event that your website is ever compromised, the support staff will look into security issues and restore it.

If your target market is European location, then my recommendation is go with HostForLIFE.eu. HostForLIFE.eu is best ASP.NET hosting choice with a solid premium security suite. Additionally, HostForLIFE.eu offers a number of server centers and a custom CDN to provide your website a global presence.

UKWindowsHostASP.NET, on the other hand, is simple to use and excellent for novices. To stop illegal access to your ASP.NET website, it also contains an AI-driven anti-bot system.


Can I get free DDoS mitigation?

DDoS security is offered by many ASP.NET hosting companies, and some of them are rather affordable and simple to use, but it is actually included in the cost of hosting and is not truly free. You can get tremendous value for your money from some suppliers, like ASPHostPortal, who offer internal security solutions with competitively priced plans.

Does my website have DDoS protection?

All of the vendors on my list provide DDoS protection. Your ASP.NET website is probably secured from a DDoS assault if your ASP.NET hosting provider offers basic security measures like firewalls, malware detection and removal, and SSL certificates.

How do I obtain the finest DDoS protection?

The quantity of traffic to each of your websites, your available budget, and your level of technical expertise are all crucial factors to take into account when selecting the ideal ASP.NET hosting company for you. Big, busy e-commerce businesses may benefit from HostForLIFE’s premium security plan, however ASPHostportal offers good security hosting at an affordable price.

DDOS Protection Web Hosting?

A security infrastructure, such as firewalls and content caching to handle high traffic volumes, is typically provided by ASP.NET hosting companies to defend your website against DDoS attacks. All the companies on my list have DDoS attack defense technology and provide different levels of support.

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