We will conduct a thorough EasyHostingASP.NET review based on our interactions with them in this blog post. EasyHostingASP.NET has been operating a Asp.net hosting company for over one decade. After beginning with reseller hosting, they eventually launched their own hosting company.

They have a long history of offering top-notch Asp.net hosting services and are in the web hosting industry. Owing to their dependability and credibility, they have become well-known and occupy the top spot among web hosts.

We purchased their shared hosting from EasyHostingASP.NET and set up a test website on it in order to test them. We have monitored its speed, uptime, and performance. We have also evaluated a number of variables, including features, cost, uptime, speed, and customer service, in order to assess EasyHostingASP’s dependability and credibility.

In the section that follows, we will share our assessment, but first, let’s talk about some crucial EasyHostingASP.NET features.

EasyHostingASP.NET Features

It can be challenging and time-consuming to select a Asp.net hosting provider with distinctive and practical features that can help your business expand. With a unique twist, the majority of hosting companies offer comparable features. EasyHostingASP.NET has surprised and impressed us with some special features that we were not able to find in any of the other Asp.net hosting providers.

They also feature a sizable library of beginner’s tutorials and guides on Asp.net hosting. With these articles, you can get started on any topic related to hosting.

Some of the distinctive EasyHostingASP.NET features that set it apart from other Asp.net hosting companies at an affordable price are listed below.

Same Renewal Price (Price Locking)

We are certain that EasyHostingASP.NET is the only provider of this special feature, which is price locking or the same renewal price. When you purchase from any Asp.net hosting company for the first time, you get a huge discount, but when you want to renew the same services, the price doubles.

Hence, if you purchase EasyHostingASP.NET hosting, your price will never fluctuate. For example, If you purchased Asp.net hosting for one year at prices of $24, after three years, you need to pay the same amount.

While the same renewal cost might seem standard, let’s contrast this feature with those of a hosting company to observe the differences. The table below unequivocally demonstrates that EasyHostingASP.NET hosting is the best option in terms of setup and renewal costs.

Hosting CompanyInitial Cost (3 Years)Renewal Cost (3 Years)
EasyHostingASP.NET $24$24
TMD Hosting$59.88$119.88

Rich Features Hosting

EasyHostingASP.NET offers suitable disk space and bandwidth in all its hosting plans. Maybe there are few hosting providers that offer unlimited hosting, but there are many restriction of this ‘unlimited’ words here. If you need more space and bandwidth, you can always upgrade your plan to higher plan without any single downtime.

Domain Registration At $1.98

EasyHostingASP.NET offers new domain registration for just $1.98, but they do not include free domains with their hosting packages. Given that many Asp.net hosting companies don’t even offer deals on domain names, this offer is reasonable. Furthermore, you can transfer your domain for $1.98 to EasyHostingASP.NET.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

EasyHostingASP.NET provides a money-back guarantee for 30 days with no questions asked. You can always request a refund within 30 days of canceling your EasyHostingASP.NET services, if for any reason you would like to.

Take note that monthly plans are available for hosting plans such as dedicated servers. There is no money-back guarantee on these plans. You can, however, cancel it at any time.

Dedicated Customer Support

The fact that everyone at EasyHostingASP.NET Customer Support is available to assist you is one of our favorite features. Their customer service is open around-the-clock.

You can also email the technical staff if you have a specific requirement that nobody seems to be able to meet. The skilled staff at EasyHostingASP.NET will assist you in meeting your needs.

99.99% Up Time Guarantee

Every website needs uptime because, in the event that it goes down, you will immediately lose money. Thus, uptime is one of the criteria we use to evaluate a hosting company’s dependability.

EasyHostingASP.NET has a remarkable uptime rate of 99.99%, which we have been tracking for a year.

MonthEasyHostingASP.NET Up Time Rate
Jan 2022100%
Feb 202299.95%
Mar 202299.92%
Apr 202299.98%
May 202299.96%
Jun 2022100%
July 2022199%
Aug 202299.98%
Sept 2022100%
Oct 202299.96%
Nov 202299.60%
Dec 202299.90%

Excellent Page Loading Speed

The amount of time it takes a browser to load a website’s entire contents is known as the page loading speed. Improved user experience is the result of a fast loading page.

The ideal page loading speed is typically defined as one that loads in less than three seconds. However, you need to start analyzing and speeding up page loading if your website page takes longer than three seconds to load.

These days, EasyHostingASP.NET comes pre-configured with a number of options to improve a website’s page loading speed.

EasyHostingASP.NET provides four levels of caching to speed up server response times. It provides LSI MegaRaid SSD caching at the SSD disk level. It offers hardware-level caching in addition to disk-level caching, which facilitates faster file loading for larger than 2MB files.

Along with caching features, EasyHostingASP.NET servers equips with the Intel Xeon Web server. Intel Xeon Server uses innovative technology that performs better than Nginx web server.

Every time we check GTMetrix for page loading speed, we consistently find the ideal page loading speed.

EasyHostingASP.NET Review

We discovered during the EasyHostingASP.NET Review that their datacenters are equipped with industry-standard hardware to accommodate various hosting types. Large eCommerce and online gaming websites, in addition to small and medium-sized websites, can benefit from EasyHostingASP.NET hosting.

WordPress, VPS, Dedicated Server Hosting, and Standard Cloud Hosting are all supported by EasyHostingASP.NET. Now that we have examined the costs and features of every hosting service, things should be easier. We will go into more detail about them in the following section.

EasyHostingASP.NET Cloud ASP.NET Hosting Review

The main focus EasyHostingASP.NET hosting is their Asp.net hosting service. They are focusing in Asp.net hosting services and it is really suitable for novice or web developer that want to develop Asp.net website.

EasyHostingASP.NET will provide you with fully support Asp.net hosting. You can install deploy Asp.net from Plesk control panel. Instead of Asp.net, you can also host WordPress website on this plan. If you need more flexibility or want to install custom application, then we recommend you to use their cloud dedicated server for better performance and also security.

There are three different payment cycles for EasyHostingASP.NET ASP.NET Hosting: yearly, 36 months, and 60 months. These billing cycles all benefit the customer alone. If a user selects a longer billing cycle, then the overall hosting cost will reduce.

EasyHostingASP.NETCostTotal Cost
5 Years$0.99$59.4

As you can see on table above, that if you choose for long term contract, you will get more discount. For example, if you choose their yearly plan, it will cost you $1.99/month. But, if you commit for 5 years plan, then you will get 50% discount. We recommend you to take this plan as renewal. At first, you can just start from their yearly plan first. If you satisfied with their services, then for renewal, you can just take 5 years plan in advanced. You will save a lot!

EasyHostingASP.NET Cloud Dedicated Hosting Review

One of the best Windows VPS hosting companies is EasyHostingASP.NET. For websites that are expanding and require high uptime, security, and speed, VPS hosting is perfect.

There are various hosting types, plans, and prices available for EasyHostingASP.NET VPS hosting. We have compiled a list of EasyHostingASP.NET VPS hosting options and associated costs to save our readers time.

Cheap and Flexible Pricing

Customers have total control and flexible pricing with EasyHostingASP.NET VPS hosting. 3 months hosting plans are offered by them, and cancellation is always possible. Their lowest plan start with $12.99/month.

Fast Loading Speed

Fastest loading speed is a well-known feature of EasyHostingASP.NET VPS. You must select a VPS if you want your website to load as quickly as possible. In addition to offering the quickest loading times, EasyHostingASP.NET VPS can support thousands of concurrent user sessions.

Advanced Security

With EasyHostingASP.NET VPS hosting, you can safeguard your website from online threats with cutting-edge security features. Additionally, every security feature is pre-configured and available with best practices. You will have ample time as a user to expand your business as a consequence.

Dedicated Backup

An important consideration when managing a website is backup. Backup must not be compromised. By default, EasyHostingASP.NET VPS offers automatic cloud backup. In addition to routine data, they maintain backups of every application.

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

An always-up hosting is what you need to select. Even a brief period of downtime can result in significant losses. We guarantee 99.99% uptime with EasyHostingASP.NET VPS. It implies that even during heavy traffic, your website will always be operational.

Free DDoS Protection

The most serious security risk that can harm your website in a matter of minutes is a denial-of-service attack. Hackers use DDoS attacks to send massive amounts of bot traffic from several systems at once. Massive volumes of fraudulent traffic keep your server busy processing bot traffic, delaying response times for real users.

With EasyHostingASP.NET VPS Hosting, you can avoid DDoS attacks and separate legitimate website visitors from automated traffic for free.

Final Verdict – Is EasyHostingASP.NET Hosting Good?

Indeed, EasyHostingASP.NET Hosting is reputable and comes highly recommended. EasyHostingASP.NET is one of the lesser-known Asp.net hosting companies, according to our review. They provide powerful, dependable, and top-notch hosting services.

Their hosting services are both economical and dependable due to their low costs, high uptime, quick response times, knowledgeable technical staff, and user-friendliness.

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