IONOS hosting, previously named 1and1 hosting has been in the domain registrar and web hosting game for quite some time, having first been incepted back in early 2000. They have the pricing, brand, and mindshare in the website industry, making them a solid contender when it comes to web hosting services. Although they are big company, but it doesn’t mean that their services are good and better than other small web hosting provider. We know as their customers, you too many downtimes with their services, is that right? Are you looking for other alternatives now? Are you really tired of this and you want to migrate as soon as possible? Then, you are in right blog now. Just keep reading to find best alternative ASP.NET hosting for you.

If you are looking for other ASP.NET hosting alternatives better than IONOS, then you are not alone. From high renewal prices to overloaded, less-than-reliable hosting, there are a lot of reasons to be frustrated with IONOS. The good news is that some of the best IONOS alternatives are less expensive and provide more for your money than IONOS does, which leaves you with a lot of great options.

Now that we know who the best alternatives are, let’s dive in and look closely at what makes each one better than IONOS in each category!

IONOS ASP.NET Hosting Alternatives

Nothing beats a reliable ASP.NET host with fast servers, great tech support team, and security. We have tested the worst, average and most reliable guys in this business of hosting and won’t settle for anything less than the best!

We have used and tested the ASP.NET hosting companies below for rock-solid Security, customer-oriented Support, unrivaled Server Up-time, speed and scalability. We can simply recommend them as the best ASP.NET hosting provider.

#1. ASPHostPortal

ASPHostPortal is a ASP.NET hosting company that has really built their reputation on shared hosting and customer service, which are two things that they do quite a bit better than IONOS. When you look at why ASPHostPortal is better than IONOS, these are really the top two categories that stand out. Let’s look at each one individually…


ASPHostPortal absolutely squashes IONOS in the support category as ASPHostPortal really care about their customers, they offer 24/7 support time that you can reach anytime. We know that IONOS provide phone support, but you are lucky if you talking with someone that can fix your problem on the spot. Their chat support is absolutely terrible and their ticketing system is very slow from our experience. If you host your site with ASPHostPortal, it is very different and their customers services are very knowledgeable in ASP.NET. They are truly ASP.NET hosting.


We aren’t big fans of IONOS’ shared hosting as their servers (in our opinion) tend to be overloaded and quite slow. They’ve also been subject high profile hacking attacks and other various problems. It seems as if they’ve built their reputation on being a domain registrar, and then added hosting as a commoditized afterthought.

Our recommendation? Go with ASPHostPortal as fast as you can!


One last thing—we’ve done a direct comparison on ASP.NET Hosting Buddy of ASPHostPortal vs IONOS where ASPHostPortal came came out ahead in every category, so if you’re looking for extreme detail about why ASPHostPortal is better, you can visit that page. Also, ASPHostPortal offers domain registration as well, so you can literally leave IONOS in the dust if you want to as their renewal prices for domains and $8+ per year for privacy is insane in our opinion.


If you’re a TopReviewHostingASP.NET reader, you know that HostForLIFE is one of our favorite ASP.NET hosting companies.


When it comes to reliability, you can’t do much better than 100% uptime, and HostForLIFE really edged out almost all the other ASP.NET shared hosting companies we’ve evaluated in that category. In addition to that, their servers always have a “snappy” feeling. We think that HostForLIFE does a great job with managing people on their shared servers and making sure that they don’t hog resources.


HostForLIFE has some of the best pricing around when it comes to ASP.NET hosting, offering what they call as “Classic” plan for people who just want to host a single site. This includes unlimited bandwidth, email, and a variety of other bells and whistles making them very hard to beat, and certainly better than what IONOS offers.

#3. UKWindowsHostASP.NET

When it comes to ASP.NET shared hosting, UKWIndowsHostASP.NET is really the king of the hill and they’re in a different universe than IONOS. Their implementation of Plesk is top-notch and their support is out of this world! These are the main reasons why UKWindowsHostASP.NET is an excellent IONOS alternative.

Fantastic Support

Among the shared hosts, I’d have to say that UKWindowsHostASP.NET really has the best support. Their techs are almost instantly available and superbly knowledgeable. Their tickets are answered very fast and they are always willing to go the extra mile in terms of customizations and troubleshooting.

A Superb Server Platform

UKWindowsHostASP.NET has some really slick caching features that make them one of the fastest ASP.NET shared hosting companies that we’ve tested. On top of that, their servers are super reliable and just plain work. They really represent the top tier of shared ASP.NET hosting and you just simply can’t go wrong with them.

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