The largest web hosting provider, GoDaddy. Yes, we believe that all of you that experience in web hosting services will not strange to hear this name. Since the first time they entered on this web hosting industry, their services have been controversial as they host million sites but they also have many complaints on the web. We will discuss more about their web hosting services, especially in ASP.NET as this blog more focus on ASP.NET hosting. We will help people to find the best, reliable, and cheap hosting provider like our mission here.

To find out whether their ASP.NET hosting services from Godaddy is high quality and worth for money, we have personally tried to host our ASP.NET site with them. Based on our experiences, they have advantages and disadvantages. Here is our editorial ratings about their hosting services.

Advantages Using Godaddy ASP.NET Hosting

1. They are Cheap

Their price for ASP.NET hosting is quite cheap. With $4.99/month, you can host 1 website, 100 GB storage, 1 MSSQL database, and 10 MySQL database, and also free domain if you sign up for their yearly plan.

2. Money Back Guarantee

Like other web hosting providers, they also have money back guarantee, they have 45 days money back guarantee. But, sometimes customer can face the issue when asked the refund. If the problems is not from the server, then they will make difficult the refund process.

3. Upgrade Easily

If you need to upgrade your hosting plan, you can upgrade it anytime you like without downtime, they have 3 ASP.NET hosting packages that you can choose. You can start from Economy plan, if in future you need more resources, you can upgrade easily via their admin portal.

Shortfall Using Godaddy ASP.NET Hosting

We have discussed the advantages using their ASP.NET hosting services, now to be fair, we also describe the lack using their services.

Lack of Reliability

GoDaddy ASP.NET hosting claim to give 99.9% uptime for all ASP.NET hosting customers explains in its terms of service that if it fails to maintain the figure, customers are entitled to request a credit of 5% of the monthly fee. The fact is sometimes we have face so many downtime using their hosting services. We have checked using Pingdom result and we found that uptime less than 97,77%. If you compare with other hosting provider like ASPHostPortal and HostForLIFEASP.NET, they can give uptime 99.99%.

ASP.NET Hosting Speed is Unsatisfying

GoDaddy claims to offer fast speed for the hosted ASP.NET sites. However, there are tons of complaints on the slowness of the hosted sites. To find out the truth about the web hosting speed, we have kept monitoring a sample site hosted on the platform for several months.

Below is the statistics chart of GoDaddy page response speed, compared with another leading ASP.NET host – ASPHostPortal hosting and HostForLIFEASP.NET hosting.

[chart id=”447″]

Customer Support is Lack of Knowledge

Although you can contact their customer support using phone and live chat, sometimes their support team can’t solve your problem on the spot. They sometimes hanging you for 20-30 minutes and then ask you to create ticket via their admin portal. They outsource their support team in India, so when you called them, their English is not too good. You can’t communicate with them easily/fluently using phone.

Over the past years, we have kept receiving complaints on GoDaddy ASP.NET hosting service. Up to now, we have received GoDaddy received reviews from their customers, among whom only 25.4% of them are satisfied with the overall performance, and 30.8% appreciate the quality of technical support from the company. Read detailed reviews at this page and know the detailed statistics in the following chart.

Lack of Security

GoDaddy has taken many measures to keep the hosted websites away from being damaged. The company has secure firewalls and security monitoring, which ensures that there are least security problems and even if a problem happens, it can be resolved immediately.

The fact that we see is many customers that lose their data and their support team can’t find the data. This will be serious issue if you face this problem when you hosted your ASP.NET site with them. Fortunately, this issue not happened to us. But as developer for many years, we always anticipate this issue, we always keep backup on our end. So, when bad things happened, we can easily restore our files.

Final Verdict – Is Godaddy ASP.NET Hosting Worth for Money?

GoDaddy should be a good option for domain names. However, the ASP.NET hosting service is not recommended for those who’re looking for fast loading shared server at a low rate.

Actually, there are many ASP.NET hosting packages you can found over the Google search and search via our top recommended ASP.NET hosting review that come with a good combination of affordable price, excellent reliability, fast speed, and quality technical support.

Godaddy ASP.NET Hosting










Customer Suport



  • Cheap Hosting Plan
  • 45 days money back guarantee
  • Many hosting plan


  • Not Reliable
  • Speed is slow
  • Incompetent customer support
  • Lack of security

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