We know that we really hate slow loading website. Just imagine your site is like you driving a car. If there are a lot of cars, then you will be stuck on the road. It is like website, if you are sharing with many sites on 1 server, then maybe that your site will become more slowly. Because there are many things can impact to your site. It is like you driving a car, but the road is very narrow and there are many cars. Of course you will be stuck.

It is really important that our site can load faster than other sites. It will increase our revenue if our site is ecommerce site or business site. That’s why I really recommend to use dedicated server if your site has high traffic. The problem is dedicated server is not cheap, basically we need to spend high budget to get extraordinary server, for example like Azure. If you only host simple site, then it is fairly cheap, but how about if your site store database like MySQL or MSSQL? It will be very expensive. If you are Azure fans, then you may need to check their calculator pricing before commit with them.

Nah… The questions is how to get cheap windows dedicated server plan that comes with SQL Server installed? Are you looking for high performance windows dedicated server with cost effective price? I would recommend ASPHostPortal windows dedicated server plan. In this article review, we will peel thoroughly about their business, hosting plan, pricing, reliability, and also customer support.

Brief Introduction About ASPHostPortal

ASPHostPortal is windows web hosting that has been operating in this domain from 2007, currently boasting more than 10 wholly-owned data centers and over 10,000 clients spread in over 150 countries. As one of the formidable forces in the web hosting industry, ASPHostPortal have displayed unwavering dedication to designing and rolling out some of the best hosting products layered with premium customer support.

With 20 years of experience behind it, ASPHostPortal have lived through the transformations in the tech industry including the tech bubble of the early 2000s. From its humble beginnings, the company has grown and diversified its web hosting services to cater for businesses across the spectrum from small enterprises to multinationals.

When looking for a web hosting company, one of the aspects you cannot afford to overlook is how grounded the company is in terms of breadth and depth of the services it offers. ASPHostPortal have established itself as an authority in this area by offering more than the hosting essentials. Its product range includes:

  • Shared Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Dedicated Server
  • SharePoint Hosting
  • Domain & SSL Registration

To support the above products, the company also offers services such as storage and backup, network services, software services, monitoring services, security services, mail hosting and log management. With a promise to provide reliable web hosting solutions, the company has employed over 100 on-site support staff to attend to its ever-growing global clientele base.

Windows Dedicated Server Bundled with SQL Server

That’s my promise here. I will share about their windows dedicated server plan. The service is phenomenal, they have plans to accommodate just about every need, divided by how much RAM you’ll want

  • 1GB RAM Plan: $17.99/month. 1 Core Processor. 30GB SSD Storage. 1TB Monthly Data Transfer, SQL Server Web Edition.
  • 2GB RAM Plan: $23.99/month. 1 Core Processor. 50GB SSD Storage. 2TB Monthly Data Transfer, SQL Server Web Edition.
  • 4GB RAM Plan: $33.99/month. 2 Core Processor. 75GB SSD Storage. 2TB Monthly Data Transfer, SQL Server Web Edition.
  • 6GB RAM Plan: $44.99/month. 2 Core Processor. 100GB SSD Storage. 2TB Monthly Data Transfer, SQL Server Web Edition.
  • 8GB RAM Plan: $55.99/month. 4 Core Processor. 150GB SSD Storage. 3TB Monthly Data Transfer, SQL Server Web Edition.
  • 12GB RAM Plan: $67.99/month. 4 Core Processor. 200GB SSD Storage. 5TB Monthly Data Transfer, SQL Server Web Edition.
  • 16GB RAM Plan: $94.99/month. 6 Core Processor. 300GB SSD Storage. 6TB Monthly Data Transfer, SQL Server Web Edition.
  • 32GB RAM Plan: $144.99/month. 8 Core Processor. 400GB SSD Storage. 8TB Monthly Data Transfer, SQL Server Web Edition.

Their premium managed Windows dedicated server hosting is optimized specifically for ASP.NET and tuned for speed, performance, and security.

ASPHostPortal windows dedicated server plans are built on their Storm platform which include SSD drives, CloudFlare CDN, built-in backups, enhanced security, and DDoS protection.

Storm Cloud Servers are customizable servers of several different sizes and configurations, all in a shared cloud environment. There are several tiers of Windows Dedicated hosting available based on the amount of RAM, processing power, and disk space you need.

Support and Customer Service

ASPHostPortal promises 24/7/365 customer support. ASPHostPortal guarantees their response time to your support inquiries. They will answer your inquiries/problems within 30 minutes. Staff members are trained to take ownership of your issue, so your ticket won’t get passed around before being resolved.

Customers of ASPHostPortal rave about their amazing customer support. Support staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and quick to resolve any issue that arises.

100% Uptime Guarantee

ASPHostPortal windows dedicated server reviews often mention the hosting company’s outstanding uptime. Unlike most other hosting companies, ASPHostPortal promises 100% uptime. If they don’t live up to their promise, you can receive a credit of 10x the amount of time you were down.

For dedicated server customers, they offer a 30 minute hardware replacement guarantee as well. That means that any faulty server hardware will be replaced within 30 minutes of identifying the problem.

ASPHostPortal are Quick and Reliable

The focus on windows hosting means ASPHostPortal has sourced and optimized the best hardware to host sites. ASPHostPortal maintains statistics on their uptime, and they consistently rank high, over 99.99% from year-to-year.

This mean your site will be running long and strong with very few outages. Happy visitors mean more traffic and increased revenues if you’re running an online store.

ASPHostPortal Reviews

We looked at online reviews to find out how people really feel about ASPHostPortal. We found that customers had positive things to say about their tech support availability and expertise.


1) Support Options: Every person working at ASPHostPortal is dedicated to delivering the highest customer service.

2) Highly Trained Staff: ASPHostPortal boasts well over 50 certified professionals including Microsoft, Cisco and many others.

3) Knowledge Center: A well organized and informative knowledge center is available freely on the company’s site.

4) System Status Page: You’ll be able to check server status live 24/7.


No Money Back Guarantee: ASPHostPortal doesn’t seem to offer a money back guarantee for their windows dedicated sever. It is only available for their shared hosting package.

Final Verdict

If you own a business or are part of a corporation that needs a large amount of server space to host your website and files, ASPHostPortal is one of the best options you can find. They have cost effective and reliable Windows dedicated server plan.

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