Although Godaddy Hosting is a well-known ASP.NET web host, its plans don’t offer the best value for the money and aren’t the cheapest. The top Godaddy Hosting substitutes provide more affordable costs, better uptime ratings, and specialized features that Godaddy Hosting charges extra for. We reviewed dozens of ASP.NET hosting companies in order to assist you in making your choice, and then we selected our top five.

Based on the following use cases, these are the top Godaddy Hosting alternatives and rivals for shared hosting:

Best Cheap Godaddy ASP.NET Hosting Alternatives

ASPHostPortal – Best Choice Godaddy Hosting Alternatives

In every service tier, ASPHostPortal provides more than Godaddy Hosting for more features. Consider the Host Intro plan for creating a small company website, which has an introductory price of just $1 and renews at a reasonable $24 per year. This plan is not only less expensive than many GoDaddy plans, but it also offers many features, for example free SSL certificate and also daily backup. There isn’t a plan with limitless websites available from GoDaddy.


Key Features

  • Cheap introductory pricing: ASPHostPortal’s Host Intro plan starts at $1 per month for 12 months. In contrast, A2’s cheapest plan starts at $2.99 per month. No other GoDaddy competitor has prices as low as ASPHostPortal the first year.
  • Free automated backups: ASPHostPortal provides free automatic backups for all of its plans, even on its cheapest offering. This is similar to what Hosting provides but for a fraction of the price.
  • Ten-plus servers located worldwide: ASPHostPortal has 10-plus data centers across America, Europe, Asia, South America, and also Australia providing faster loading speeds to visitors from the different locations. In comparison, most GoDaddy competitors have just two or three data centers.

Both ASPHostPortal and GoDaddy guarantee a 99.99% uptime rate, but ASPHostPortal outperforms GoDaddy in terms of server dependability. In March 2023, ASPHostPortal reported a 99.99% uptime, whereas GoDaddy only managed a 99.97% uptime. (Referral: Pingdom)

However, ASPHostPortal’ servers are not quite as quick as GoDaddy’s, with a ping time that is 604 ms rather than 299 ms. GoDaddy exceeded ASPHostPortal in terms of uptime, but ASPHostPortal prevailed in terms of speed.

ASPHostPortal is unique in other ways as well. Every day, all of your plans’ websites are backed up by ASPHostPortal’ automated backups. If a site issue arises, you can consult assistance to fix it and then free of charge return your site to its prior state. One of the main benefits of choosing ASPHostPortal as your ASP.NET hosting company is their customer assistance.

Although the lowest tier of ASPHostPortal gives the same 10GB of storage that GoDaddy’s free plan does, it’s still at the low end of storage options.

Similar to how and DiscountService offer limitless accounts for free, ASPHostPortal only offers one professional email address with each hosting plan, which seems pitiful in comparison. When opposed to other providers who only include one or none, ASPHostPortal offers additional business email accounts with a domain for $1 per month, which lowers the cost of establishing corporate email accounts.

In addition to 24/7 live support, all ASPHostPortal customers have access to a dedicated success counselor that they can contact for assistance. You can try ASPHostPortal risk-free for 30 days to decide if it’s right for you.


Cheap plan start from $1.00/month
FREE SSL Certificates
FREE Daily Backup
Site scan malware protection
Multiple data centers (US, Europe, South America, Asia, and Australia)
24/7 Support
99.99% Uptime
30-days money back guarantee


No monthly plan
No database on lowest plan – Best unlimited ASP.NET hosting alternative

Look no further than if you intend to create a ASP.NET website. is one of largest European ASP.NET hosting provider. Building a stunning ASP.NET website quickly and easily is made possible by the user-friendly webdeploy.

Key Features

  • Fully Support Latest ASP.NET Core: All plans include all latest ASP.NET Core version, so you can build your ASP.NET start easily, start from Classic ASP.NET, ASP.NET 2.0/3.5, ASP.NET 4, and latest ASP.NET Core.
  • Free domain and SSL certificate: All levels of service include a free domain and SSL certificate for the first year.
  • Turbo caching server: All plans feature a turbo caching to speed page loading worldwide.

In comparison to other ASP.NET hosting companies, advertises a load time that is 75% faster. HostForLIFE’s 312ms response time puts it better than GoDaddy in terms of ping times. (Referral: Pingdom) Plus, also has 99.99% uptime guarantee in March. It is very satisfied record.

The built-in features are where really shines. Unlimited business email is included with every account. Additionally, a their lowest plan comes with unlimited disk space and also bandwidth. GoDaddy only offers two email accounts for the first year and does not include free SSL certificate.

Start today for €3.49 a month and compare HostForLIFE’s SEO performance to that of other ASP.NET hosting provider.


FREE turbo caching server
Unlimited disk space and bandwidth
FREE domain and SSL certificates
Unlimited websites hosted
24/7 Support
30 days money back guarantee


FREE domain availabale on Budget plan or above
Little MSSQL space

UKWindowsHostASP.NET – Top ASP.NET web host for ultra-fast site loading

Since January 2023, UKWindowsHostASP.NET, a super-reliable and quick ASP.NET host, has consistently met or exceeded its 99.99% uptime guarantee. (Referral: Pingdom) With latency times in the 300 ms area, UKWindowsHostASP.NET is the most dependable and quick ASP.NET hosting company we evaluated.

Key Features

  • Solid “cheap” plan: The cheapest plan, regularly priced at £2.99 per month, has 20 GB bandwidth, 1 GBof storage, and unlimited email addresses, all with the ability to host five websites.
  • Fast speeds and reliable servers: UKWindowsHostASP.NET guarantees a 99.99% average server uptime plus ultra-fast page loading speeds that can be boosted by upgrading your plan.
  • Reliable servers: UKWindowsHostASP.NET guarantees 100% uptime, and it delivers on its promises. If you’re looking for a ASP.NET host that keeps your website up and running 24/7, then UKWindowsHostASP is the way to go.

According to Pingdom, UKWindowsHostASP.NET gives a 100% uptime guarantee, which it typically meets. However, UKWindowsHostASP.NET only provides Europe and US data center, most server is on United Kingdom. This won’t be a problem if your target market is primarily in Europe because users claim that UKWindowsHostASP’s website loading times aren’t affected. However, compared to GoDaddy’s servers, its servers are slower, with a global ping time of 1,367 ms. Consider ASPHostPortal or if speed is a problem.


FREE automated backup
FREE domain and SSL certificates
short term contract
30 days money back guarantee
24/7 Support


Only US and Europe data centers
No MSSQL database on lowest plan – Great option for ASP.NET hosting

Customers of can easily restore data with a single click and benefit from daily automatic backups. If something goes wrong with your website, you may easily go back to a previous working version with a single click. For those instances when you need to save a copy of your site after a significant update or want a backup kept off-site, DiscountService also provides on-demand backups.

Key Features

  • Unlimited email addresses: DiscountService includes unlimited email addresses on all plans.
  • Latest ASP.NET Core Version: DiscountService already support latest ASP.NET Core version on their all hosting plan
  • 24/7/365 support: Contact support around the clock
  • Super Shield Security: Security suite that blocks 99.99% of all cyberattacks against your site.

The uptime guarantee provided by DiscountService Hosting is 99.9%, which is less than the uptime guarantees provided by GoDaddy and the other ASP.NET hosting companies we evaluated. Although it might not seem like much, many other hosts give 99.99% uptime guarantees, which makes the difference between promising no more than 45 minutes and only a few seconds of downtime. DiscountService withholds information about its true downtime.

Daily backups are only one of the security and support options offered by DiscountService Hosting. For added protection against hackers, DiscountService also provides free daily security scans in addition to Super Shield Security. You may upgrade from shared hosting to basic cloud storage with a dedicated IP address and virtual server for $20.00 a month for even greater protection.

For small businesses concerned about security and backups, DiscountService Hosting offers a safe, secure, and quick ASP.NET hosting option. Go to DiscountService Hosting to learn more.


FREE automated backup
FREE SSL Certificate
FREE website migration
Super Shield Security
30 days money back guarantee


Only Australia data center
No monthly billing – Best for ASP.NET hosting combo

Another well-known ASP.NET web host with several cool features is For starters, it is the only web server on our list whose most affordable plan includes unlimited email addresses. It is the greatest GoDaddy substitute for companies who require numerous email accounts (such those with many employees) due to this and its affordable pricing.

Key Features

  • Extremely reliable servers: WindowsASPNETHosting averages a 99.99% uptime⁠—fulfilling their uptime guarantee and becoming more reliable than GoDaddy’s 99.97% average in the process.
  • Built-in SEO tools: WindowsASPNETHosting throws in a bunch of built-in SEO tools on its highest-tier ASP.NET shared hosting plan. This feature analyzes your website and gives you monthly reports on how to optimize it further. It also analyzes competitors, so you know how to get ahead of the competition.

The cheapest package comes with unlimited email accounts in addition to automated daily backups, unrestricted bandwidth, a free domain name for a year, and a free SSL. All of this is available for just INR103.99 each renewal. Keep in mind that this tier only gives you access to one website; to have infinite sites, upgrade to the Developer tier.

Of course, reliability is more important than features in a ASP.NET host. We’re happy to say that WindowsASPNETHosting once again knocks it out of the park. Fast servers and 99.99% actual uptime are features of WindowsASPNETHosting. Buy the top-tier Cloudflare CDN plan for significantly faster page loading times, wherever your audience is located.


Cheap ASP.NET hosting plan
Unlimited email address
24/7 Support Time
30 days money back guarantee
FREE SSL Certificate


Built-in SEO is only in the highest plan

Things to Consider While Choosing ASP.NET Hosting

Because the products that different ASP.NET hosting companies offer initially appear to be so similar, choosing one can be difficult. When you delve further, though, you start to see distinctions that may influence your decision over which provider to select. The following are the main factors you should think about before choosing:

  • Price vs value: What does the provider offer, and for how much? Is it worth it?
  • Renewal rate:Most providers give a discounted rate for the first year, which increases after that. How reasonable is the rate of renewal?
  • Features:What expenses are covered by the monthly fee? Does the supplier have what you require? Can the service scale if your business website needs increase in storage, capacity, or desire for specialized resources?
  • Reliability:Does your website work when customers visit it? Select a trustworthy web host to make sure the answer is “yes”.

Final Verdict

GoDaddy has been in business for some time and provides a solution that is consistently quick and reliable. However, it is neither the cheapest nor the greatest ASP.NET host. You can save time and money by choosing a different provider if you take your time and consider your options. ASPHostPortal provides the greatest overall ASP.NET hosting experience, in our opinion. It’s also among the least expensive, with introductory rates starting at just $1 per month.

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