The two organizations are ASP.NET hosting suppliers, both positioned in the Best and Cheap ASP.NET Hosting in 2017. Also, the accompanying post will do an examination between their ASP.NET hosting, through which individuals will see their disparities better.

MyWindowsHosting vs ASPHostPortal Company Background

MyWindowsHosting is a relatively new hosting provider founded in July 2013. The company has located its US headquarter in Castleton, CA. This provider offer shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS, and also semi dedicated hosting.

ASPHostPortal founded in 2008, this provider provide reliable ASP.NET hosting services for almost decade and host more than millions sites. ASPHostPortal focusing in windows hosting environment. In 2015, ASPHostPortal launch their new Linux shared hosting.

ASP.NET Hosting Pricing – Who is Affordable?

ASPHostPortal offers 4 basic ASP.NET shared web hosting packages so that customers can choose the most proper one according to their current budget and needs, which are named Host One, Host Two, Host Three, and Host Four and priced at $1.00/mo, $4.50/mo, $8.50/mo and $13.50/mo. However, now, thanks to the compelling discount the company offers, the effective price of the plans is lowered to $0.99/mo, $3.81/mo, $7.21/mo and $11.46/mo.

MyWindowsHosting offer 3 shared hosting plan, which start from Basic Windows, Advanced Windows, and Premium Windows plan. Basic Windows start from $2.95/month, $4.95/month for Advanced Windows plan, and $7.95/month for Premium Windows plan.

How About Their ASP.NET Hosting Features?

MyWindowsHosting offer rich features than ASPHostPortal. On their lowest package, it comes with unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwith, but on this lowest package, you can only host 1 website. You may also read about their TOS. The unlimited disk space and bandwith don’t mean that you can abuse it, upload huge video files and jpeg on their server. Your account might be suspended by them.

The other advantages using MyWindowsHosting is they build their own control panel. But, MyWindowsHosting does not provide much information about the custom control panel, but it is believed that the control panel includes most of the commonly used features, too. A 1-click installer is also available, but it comes with very limited scripts. In addition, there is no demo, so people get no chance to try the control panel before making a purchase.

In other hand, ASPHostPortal ASP.NET hosting plan also comes with great hosting features. On Host One plan, you can host unlimited websites, 5 GB space, and also 60 GB bandwith. All hosting solutions of ASPHostPortal are integrated with Plesk, which is the most popular Windows based control panel in this field. The intuitive interface helps webmasters target any software quickly and then finish the installation easily. This powerful control panel also enables 1-click installations for nopCommerce, BlogEngine.NET, WordPress, and many other advanced applications. This control panel does not require much experience, so even those who have not used it can get accustomed to the interface quickly. Besides, as Plesk is highly customizable, hosting providers can develop their own features in it to guarantee even better website management and optimization experience.

Both ASPHostPortal and MyWindowsHosting also offer money back guarantee. If you don’t like their hosting services, you can claim and they will refund you.

Performance and Reliability – Most Important Selecting ASP.NET Hosting Provider

Besides price and features, we believe this is the most important thing to select ASP.NET hosting provider. How is their reliability? How is their speed? Just imagine, you get cheap ASP.NET hosting plan, but your site down almost everyday. We believe it will impact to your business. This is why we said that this is the most important thing if you are serious in online business. Your uptime and speed are number one.

Uptime is the measure of how well the web host fits the “reliably” part of performance. Both ASPHostPortal and MyWindowsHosting claim industry-standard uptime of 99.9%. Any measure of uptime by customers is going to anecdotal (including mine – neither me nor my clients have had noticeable downtime with either). Their uptime claims are supposed to be audited – so we’ll give them both a tie on reliability.

According to the monitoring statistics, MyWindowsHosting has achieved only 99.74% uptime in the past month and required an average of 630ms for server responses, neither of which are satisfying for all-level users. Check its uptime record in the following image.

ASPHostPortal based on our monitoring statistic, they can achieve 100% uptime guarantee with an average 200ms for server response, this is very quick and reliable server. This is the provider that you can rely one

Customer Service

Customer service, like overall uptime, is often hard to judge based on just anecdotes – and companies’ internal metrics are not generally available. Both ASPHostPortal and MyWindowsHosting are huge companies with a lot of customers. Usually, customers with good experiences rarely talk about their customer service (especially if the service is functioning properly). Meanwhile, customers who do have problems will vocally talk about their bad experiences online.

Our most recent ASPHostPortal customer experience revolved around a problem with their ASP.NET version on control panel. The support answered very quickly and was very cordial. The issue was resolved within 10 minutes, and we received quick follow up via email from the rep.

MyWindowsHosting hosting support has typically been fine, but not quite good. Their support is fast (usually under a minute wait) and cordial, but not super knowledgeable. They seem to view support as a cost center rather than a marketing & retention channel.

In my conclusion, ASPHostPortal is more effective than MyWindowsHosting for technical support. I must admit that they must improve their customer support, but overall I would prefer ASPHostPortal than MyWindowsHosting.

Final Verdict – ASPHostPortal or MyWindowsHosting for ASP.NET Hosting?

Both are good ASP.NET hosting provider, if you are newbie and want to find cheap ASP.NET hosting provider, then MyWindows Hosting can be good choice for you. They offer cheap hosting pricing, but please don’t expect that they have good server performance.

If you are serious businessman or web developer, than I would highly recommend you to use ASPHostPortal. With almost 1 decade in ASP.NET hosting business, you can count on this hosting provider. They have good track in hosting business, has been awarded as Microsoft Golden Partner. You don’t need to worry about this hosting provider. We have hosted few sites with them and we’ve not experienced any major outages till date.

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