Both ASPHostPortal and TMDHosting are hosting provider that have been in ASP.NET hosting business for more a decade. Both are really popular if you are looking for ASP.NET hosting service. In this article review, we will compare their ASP.NET hosting service.

For anyone looking to host ASP.NET Core website, you know that some hosting providers can be flaky at best. They may have poor customer service, be hard to migrate to, or not have the security features you and your potential readers or customers need.

With, hosting providers are and, by extension, your website is far from immune from hacking attempts and malware. With burst attacks and automated scripts becoming the new norm, you need to look for a host that has security as a priority.

If one or both of these companies has caught your eye, this comparison article contains information you need to know. Below I’ve listed the five most important things for a ASP.NET host to excel at and then shown how ASPHostPortal vs TMDHosting plays out in each category.

What Makes a Great ASP.NET Hosting Provider?

There are four main factors that determine whether a ASP.NET Core hosting provider will fulfill all of your needs or make you regret spending your time and money on their services. These are those five factors:

Speed and Uptime

If you want to host your ASP.NET Core site, it is really important for you that your site load quickly no matter who’s viewing it or what that page’s content is. If your site is slow or down, people will leave your site.


Price is also the important factors to select ASP.NET Core hosting provider. How much your budget that you want to spend. That’s what I’ll be letting you know in the pricing section.

Support and Resources

If you have issues or questions, how long the support team will answer you? How good is the answer be?

Backup Plan

How secure is your hosting provider? If your ASP.NET Core site being attacked or infected by worm/malware, can they easily fix the issue and recover your files? This is really important factor since not every provider have good backup plan.

Depth Review ASP.NET Core Hosting (ASPHostPortal vs TMDHosting)

ASPHostPortal and TMDHosting are very close competitors in a number of categories. One does ultimately stand out as the prime choice once all criteria have been considered. The other is a decent ASP.NET Core hosting provider but falls short outside of hosting small, static, low-traffic sites.

Speed and Uptime

When reviewing ASPHostPortal vs TMDHosting, speed was of the utmost importance. No matter why you want to have a website, if you’re looking into hosting, you must want it to gain some attention and traffic on the web.

In order to get the most traffic, or at least appeal to your site’s target users, your website needs to be fast and stable. That means you need the fastest hosting environment.


ASPHostPortal is incredibly stable. Even when compared to the uptime of the most popular ASP.NET Core hosting providers, ASPHostPortal is clearly a leader when it comes to keeping things running smoothly. With ASPHostPortal, you can rest assured that your website will stay up with hardly a blip.

On their website, ASPHostPortal claims to have 99.9% uptime and will load, on average, up to 10 times faster than some of their top competitors (including HostGator and Godaddy). In several private tests, those claims have held water.

We have tested their uptime guarantee and the following is the result that we get:

We also tested their speed using Time to First Byte (TTFB) and the following is the result:

As you can see above, the average response time is around 0.007 -0.3 second, it means below 0.5 second, just imagine if your ASP.NET Core site host with them, it will run very stable and fast.


TMDHosting also boasts a high average uptime of 99.9%. And their load times are a little shorter than the average (though only by a handful of milliseconds).

TMDHosting has made a few notable innovations when it comes to uptime. First, they have a proactive server monitoring program that automatically scans and corrects common server issues without the need for their technicians to be involved. This saves time and keeps your site online.

We have tested their uptime and we find that they also have great uptime guarantee like ASPHostPortal. Only the speed matter, we have found that ASPHostPortal faster than TMDHosting. See below:

As you can see above, sometimes TMDhosting can’t perform well in several countries and it takes around 1 second to load. If you compare with ASPHostPortal, ASPHostPortal only 0.3 second to load.

Who is the Winner?

ASPHostPortal won this category. Though uptime is similar with both candidates, ASPHostPortal’s emphasis on smaller, lighter sites helps them keep their site load times as short as possible the first time a visitor reaches your ASP.NET Core website.


Though each company has its own price points and packages, what you do get overall can easily be compared between ASPHostPortal vs TMDHosting.


Offering shared, Cloud, Reseller and Dedicated hosting services, ASPHostPortal has a lot of different ASP.NET Core hosting plans to choose from.

Their most basic, least expensive plan starts at just $0.99 per month for shared hosting. It offers optimization for ASP.NET site, and is just as fast as shared hosting can get.

If you’re looking for a dedicated server, you can get set up for just $12.99 per month. These servers are completely isolated and perfect for anyone who wants to minimize load times or needs complete control over how their hosting resources are allocated.



TMDHosting offers a number of hosting plans with minimal options. These are meant to be streamlined for users new to ASP.NET Core hosting. That means if you’re not comfortable with the technical side of things, TMDHosting is there to hold your hand during the process.

On the basic side, they offer shared hosting at only $3.99 per month. However, unlike ASPHostPortal Hosting’s basic plan, TMDHosting limits the amount of hosted domains, you can only host 6 websites and the number of visitors you can have to just 10,000 per month on this plan.

If you’re looking to invest in dedicated hosting, TMDHosting offers a basic server for $79 per month. That is more than double what ASPHostPortal Hosting charges, and the servers come with hard limits on storage.

The Winner is

ASPHostPortal Hosting gives you the most options, as well as the best value for your money. You get more storage, better control, and growth options that make sense for every level of website or web business.

Support and Resources

If you have problems or issue, who does a better job supporting their customers?


ASPHostPortal knows what they’re talking about when it comes to just about any issue you could possibly have in regard to hosting. They are there for you every day, every hour of the day, every day of the year. 

Responses take minutes for simple queries and less than a day to answer if they’re technical or require a specialist of some kind.

In addition to stellar customer support, ASPHostPortal Hosting offers free website migration. This migration process takes a little more time than other ASP.NET Core hosting providers, but once migration is complete, you can rest assured that any hiccups you may encounter post-transfer will be taken care of swiftly.


The customer support at TMDHosting is great, if a little basic.

If you have a small website or are completely dedicated to ASP.NET website, then TMDHosting can help you there. If you want to be more in control or need to ask technically advanced questions, it may take some time for your issues to be escalated to the right agent.

TMDHosting also offers website migration or transfers, but it is not free. TMDHosting promises that these transfers will be complete within 24 hours.

Who is the Winner?

We can say both of them are good in customer support. They will address all customers issue very quickly and solve the problem on the spot. Only TMDHosting doesn’t offer free migration.

Backup Plan/Security

Security can be a difficult thing to quantify. You have to consider both what a ASP.NET Core hosting provider does to protect clients in a shared, VPS, or cloud hosting environment, as well as what they do to protect them once hosted and to protect anyone who visits a website with questionable integrity.


The security of ASPHostPortal is more than acceptable. Security issues are often most visible when you’re looking at downtime. As ASPHostPortal has little downtime across all users, it’s easy to see that they are doing a great job at preventing threats.

They now offer FREE SSL certificate powered by Let’s Encrypt. For paid SSL, it will start from $42.00/year.


TMDHosting is very serious when it comes to security. So serious in fact, that many users complain that their websites or files are isolated or quarantined for absolutely no reason. While this is good news for some, it can create a bit of “unreported” downtime for some customers.

As a positive, TMDHosting makes it easy for all of their customers to make the most of free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates on any number of websites or accounts.

Final Verdict – You Know the Answer

After all factors are considered in this ASPHostPortal vs TMDHosting review, you can clearly see that ASPHostPortal is the winner. Not only does it offer great compatibility with ASP.NET Core website and better uptime than nearly anywhere else, it has reasonable prices and generous storage limits.

That said, TMDHosting is still a decent hosting provider. They have a number of low-cost options that may work best for anyone new to ASP.NET website and web hosting.

In review, if you plan on growing your ASP.NET Core website into one with high traffic and generous storage needs or want a dedicated server, ASPHostPortal will be the better choice.

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