One of the most well-known brands in the internet hosting sector today is ASPHostPortal. The business has made a name for itself as a provider of high-quality services that go beyond straightforward website and blog hosting to include domain registration and digital storage.

For years, ASPHostPortal has fought to dethrone the best ASP.NET hosting companies, like HostGator and Godaddy, in order to take over as the undisputed leader in the hosting sector.

This post will provide you with a ASPHostPortal NopCommerce hosting review, which is a wise decision to pique your interest.

Who is ASPHostPortal?

For anyone who wants the simplicity and power of NopCommerce without having to worry about updates and technical changes, ASPHostPortal NopCommerce hosting is the perfect option.

NopCommerce is linked with your hosting, so after a brief introduction you can begin creating, editing, and managing your site. Additionally, we’ve tuned our servers for NopCommerce, giving you performance and security that you won’t get with a regular web hosting plan.

Pros & Cons of ASPHostPortal

Microsoft Hosting PartnerThere is no live chat support available 24/7.
A wide range of services are availableThere are no detailed hardware specifications available
FREE SSL Certificate 
Control Panel Interfaces for cPanel and Plesk 
High Server Performance 
Rich features hosting 
You can host an unlimited number of websites 
Discounts on Special Offers on a Regular Basis 


ASPHostPortal provides a wide variety of hosting solutions. It provides dedicated alternatives, shared plans, reseller hosting, and NopCommerce-specific services. ASPHostPortal offers each and every function you’ll require in a web server. If you sign up for a year or more on its basic plan, you’ll get a free domain. ASPHostPortal’s free offer is limited to select top-level domains.

1. Website Migration

It could be dangerous to move your website to a different host. You run the risk making inadvertent mistakes that could endanger the functionality of the website. ASPHostPortal hosting gives you the option to migrate your website frequently, which can help you prevent this issue. Simply complete the free website relocation technique to export all of your data.

2. Support Latest Technologies

Installing the most recent upgrades is advised if you want to make sure that your NopCommerce site functions properly and securely. The website can become vulnerable to hacking if the upgrades are not installed. To address the issue, ASPHostPortal NopCommerce has an auto-update tool that makes sure you’re always using the latest recent software.

3. SEO Friendly

Once your website has been successfully hosted, it’s a fantastic moment to work on being discovered by your ideal customers. To rank at the top of search results, generate traffic, and boost conversions, you must develop content for your website that is SEO-friendly.

Your rating on search engines can be improved using the plugin. Using their super cache feature, you can examine your website and identify the main issues that keep it from being noticed and appearing high on search engine result pages (SERPs).

4. Daily Backup

ASPHostPortal NopCommerce offers automated daily backups with only one click, reducing the risk of losing website data. This implies that, in the event of an error, you can return your website to its prior condition. For daily backups, ASPHostPortal additionally provides one-click restoration.

5. They are RELIABLE!

ASPHostPortal recognizes the value of giving you the best platform to test out various features and plans. ASPHostPortal advises conducting exploratory testing before making a final selection, whether you want to test the speed of a certain plan or a new feature. Users can discover potential problems using staging before a feature, such a plugin, is released.

Despite the fact that it has nothing special to provide in comparison to other hosts, it is nevertheless a valuable function. Other perks offered by the Host Four plan or above include single-click staging, limitless malware removal, and hack repair. The NopCommerce plan offers free access to premium NopCommerce add-ons and features like NopCommerce Subscriptions. If you’re building up a NopCommerce shop, the premium plugin alone is a tremendous value and is worth thousands of dollars.

Several Hosting Options

Shared Hosting: The most basic hosting package from ASPHostPortal starts at $0.99 per month. Although not as inexpensive as some other beginner-friendly hosts, it is still very reasonable and ideal for small businesses looking to establish an internet presence.

Cloud Hosting: A commercial hosting package has more dedicated resources as well as a streamlined control panel, so you won’t need an entire IT team to handle your site. Cloud hosting plans start at $1.99 per month, with the option to increase as your site grows.

Reseller Hosting: You can use ASPHostPortal’s servers to launch your own hosting business starting at $20.39 per month. If you’re in a special circumstance and need more hosting options, get in touch with the company’s sales staff.

VPS Server: At ASPHostPortal, you may pick from more than eight potent VPS server options, each with a unique set of isolated resources. System developers and organizations in need of a dependable server will find this to be excellent.

– Dedicated Server: Instead of VPS, ASPHostPortal also offer 8 dedicated hosting solution for your business.

Ease of use

The provision of an intuitive dashboard that makes it simple to discover and utilize numerous hosting capabilities is one of ASPHostPortal’s primary objectives. Both the traditional hosting user interface and the NopCommerce hosting dashboards are excellent, but they are very different from one another.

The ASPHostPortal NopCommerce dashboard allows you to access the majority of the features with just one click, in contrast to other hosting companies’ Plesk nowadays. Starting domains, staging, settings, and other operations is possible from the top right corner.

You can check for updates to your NopCommerce site by logging into the Plesk control panel. It’s also important to note that you may monitor the effectiveness of your NopCommerce website to see whether it’s producing the results you want.


Performance is important while selecting a web hosting plan. Website optimization will only get you so far on a subpar server. For our NopComerce study, we examined all of ASPHostPortal’s speed-improving technologies, including:

CDN integration: All of ASPHostPortal’s NopCommerce plans come with out-of-the-box CDN integration for quicker site performance, as was already mentioned.

Clustered, load-balanced server environments: NopCommerce is optimized on servers from ASPHostPortal. Also, they are equipped to withstand traffic peaks that may otherwise bring down your website.

Guaranteed uptime: If the service does not meet the minimal requirements, users may be eligible for account credits worth 5% of their monthly fee under the terms of ASPHostPortal’s contracts.

Nothing about this stands out as particularly unique or superior to other providers, much like the features offered by ASPHostPortal’s Basic NopCommerce hosting plan. So you can relax knowing that your performance optimization is adequate.


Hackers will look for new ways to get onto your website and take data covertly as computers and web hosting technology advance. One technique attackers use to deface or access sensitive information is injecting malicious code into the targeted website.

Because malware could be used by attackers as NopCommerce files, ASPHostPortal runs daily scans to look for and eliminate it. Before the malware harms your website or spreads to others, the goal is to find it. The most popular methods for keeping your website secure are as follows:

  • Every website and blog activity housed on the ASPHostPortal platform is scrutinized around-the-clock, every day of the week. The majority of the time, malware files are found and removed before you ever notice they were directed at your website.
  • The bots at ASPHostPortal are designed to recognize and deny erroneous traffic, requests, and spam coming to your website.
  • In order to keep your website current, ASPHostPortal offers automated updates. You are protected against developing attacks if you are using the most recent NopCommerce version and plugins.
  • All WordPress plugins are also pre-scanned by ASPHostPortal, so you don’t have to be concerned about malware infecting your website.
  • The servers that host your website are safeguarded with the most modern resistant materials and kept in high-security data centers for your protection. Only individuals with security clearance are allowed access to the data centers for upkeep and updates.


One of the most cost-effective managed NopCommerce solutions is provided by ASPHostPortal. ASPHostPortal is unquestionably a low-cost NopCommerce host since you can host your NopCommerce plan under their Host Three plan, which is only $11.46/month.

In addition to the items we previously mentioned, the following is what you get with each plan:

  • Host Intro plan includes one website, 1 GB of storage, and up to 25 thousand monthly visits.
  • Host One plan includes unlimited websites, 5 GB of storage, and up to 100,000 monthly visits.
  • Host Two plan includes unlimited websites, 15 GB of storage, unlimited visitors, as well as a complimentary SSL certificate.
  • Host Three plan unlimited websites, 50 GB of storage, unlimited visitors, as well as a complimentary SSL certificate.


After reading our ASPHostPortal review, you might be unsure if ASPHostPortal is the best web host for you. With ASPHostPortal’s assistance, anyone can set up a NopCommerce website. Because of their automatic updates and servers that are designed for NopCommerce, you may spend less time on technical aspects. When your site expands, they provide a range of upgrading alternatives. Customer service is accessible seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day if you need help.

I’m hoping that this article on ASPHostPortal NopCommerce hosting review: A wise choice for you will help you find the best solution for integrating ASPHostPortal with your online shop.

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