Many users ask us to review this big hosting provider, 1&1 hosting. In this article review, we will help you answer the questions, “Is 1&1 the right ASP.NET hosting provider for me?” This company offers wide variety of web hosting product. We know this is famous hosting provider that start their business more than a decade. But, if you want to host ASP.NET site, are they suitable to host your .NET site? Are they good?

1&1 Web Hosting Business

Choosing a reliable and budget-friendly web host is important and 1&1 aims to make this decision a simple one. The company was founded almost 25 years ago, and has since grown into an industry-leading company that offers a wide range of products to various international markets, particularly web hosting. They currently offer a plethora of web hosting products, including advanced email solutions and high-end servers in more than 10 different countries including the US, the UK, Spain, and Germany.

1&1 launched its complete line of web hosting products in 2004 and has since become one of the top web hosts in the US. The company is focused on providing optimal online presence for small to medium sized businesses. In 2008 they opened a 55,000 square foot data center with 37,000 servers, located in Lenexa, Kansas. Their products are available not just in the US but also in the UK, Spain, Germany, France, Austria, Canada, Poland, Italy, and Mexico.

1&1 ASP.NET Hosting Pricing

Compared to other ASP.NET hosting providers, 1&1 offers quite cheap ASP.NET hosting pricing. Sometimes, they also offer huge discount for you so you can save your pocket. They have 3 Windows ASP.NET hosting plan, start from Unlimited Windows, Unlimited Plus Windows, and Unlimited Pro Windows.

  • Unlimited Windows Plan is recommended for personal ASP.NET websites, such as hobby or family sites. Their price start from $0.99/month if you pay for yearly plan, after then it goes up to $6.99 a month thereafter
  • Unlimited Plus Windows is recommended for small ASP.NET business site, start from $4.99/month if you pay for yearly in advanced, then for renewal it increases to $9.99/month.
  • Unlimited Pro Windows is recommended for company ASP.NET site, start from $8.99/month. Then, the price will increases to $19.99/month.

From above plan, we know that 1&1 ASP.NET hosting plan will give you try first. Then, if you stay with them and renew with their hosting services, then the price is quite expensive. If you compare it with ASPHostPortal, they give same price for renewal. Although, their start price, but for renewal, the price is same. It is fair.

1&1 ASP.NET Hosting User Experience

It’s fair to say that 1&1 ASP.NET Hosting has a plan or package to cover almost every online project. However, what’s just as important is how easy the service is to use. So let’s take a look at the user control panel to find out what’s involved in setting up a website and managing your account.

As you can see, they also use Plesk control panel. Plesk gives you quick access to lots of features and tools. From adding and managing additional domains, accessing the file manager for your slice of the server, setting up new email addresses, and installing software, you’ll soon find there is a lot you can do with your web hosting account and the portion of the server you’ve been allocated.

When it comes to installing software, such as WordPress or another CMS, the process is very straightforward. Simply choose which software you’d like to install, and then follow the onscreen instructions. In most cases, it will only take a few clicks, and your software of choice will be ready for use.

1&1 ASP.NET Hosting Performance Test. Are They Reliable?

In ASP.NET hosting, a stable online environment with high performance is the best a webmaster could ever wish for. With that in mind, 1&1 has put much focus into refining its technologies as well as hosting facilities.


Server uptime is one of the most critical aspects of a hosting service. If your site is down, your customers won’t be able to find you or access your products and/or services, causing you to lose revenue. It’s quite surprising that 1&1 does not provide an uptime guarantee. They mentioned a “nearly 100% uptime somewhere in their site, but there was no mention of a prorated refund in case of lengthy downtimes. So how are their clients supposed to know that their websites will be up and running most of the time and will be compensated in case of an outage?

For your peace of mind, we conducted an online research to find out this ASP.NET hosts uptime track record. From our experience and customer experience, we found that 1&1 cant give 99.99% uptime guarantee. We have checked their uptime for last 6 months and we found their uptime is only around 98.77%.

With data above, you know that you cant count on 1&1 ASP.NET hosting service. If you need reliable ASP.NET hosting service, then you need to find other ASP.NET hosting provider, such as ASPHostPortal or HostForLIFEASP.NET


For speed, we have also monitoring our site that hosted on their server. We use bitcatcha tools to monitoring their response time and the result is quite disappointing. They only scored ‘C’ and response time around 500 ms. This is very slow if you host your ASP.NET site with them. If you compare with their competitor, ASPHostPortal, only takes 200 ms to load.

ASPHostPortal Score

Customer Support 1&1 Hosting

1&1’s help and support system is not so good as they advertise. They do provide live chat, phone support and via email. But, their live chat is very lack. We test to contact them via live chat and we have been hung for almost 30 minutes. Then, one representative answer your live chat and cant give proper answer. They asked us to create ticket to their support department. So, what is the benefit for their phone and live chat support?

Final Verdict – Can’t Recommend 1&1 ASP.NET Hosting Services

1&1 is good in price, but they can’t offer reliable hosting services. The features are also excellent if you compare with other competitors. But, if we want to succeed in online business, we really need reliable service, our site never goes offline and the speed is fast too. If you’re new and want to test your website online, then you can go ahead with them. But, if you are serious in online business, we never recommend them, better to find other ASP.NET Hosting alternatives on our blog.

1&1 Hosting










Customer Support



  • Cheap ASP.NET Hosting Price
  • Unlimited space on lowest plan
  • Upgrade plan easily


  • Lack support
  • Uptime is below 99%
  • Slow server
  • Dont provide any refund in case downtime
  • Dont offer any Google Adwords bonus

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