Both ASPHostPortal and Host4ASP are hosting providers that focus offering Windows ASP.NET hosting. But, they always compete in varied ways. Both ASPHostPortal and Host4ASP have been providing ASP.NET hosting for quite long time.

However, of course, there are still some slight downsides and neutral aspects to choosing either of these hosts as the main source of life for your single website or portfolio of domains.

We hope to clear the air regarding the truth behind ASPHostPortal vs Host4ASP in this article which provides you with the real web hosting reviews that you need to be aware of.

We’ll start off our review with a popular web hosting choice for aspiring bloggers, entrepreneurs, developers and creatives.

ASPHostPortal vs Host4ASP Comparison Table

Hosting PlanASPHostPortal Host OneHost4ASP Basic
Hosted WebsitesUnlimited1
Disk Space5 GB10 GB
Bandwith60 GBUnlimited*
MSSQL Database2Not Disclosed
MySQL Database3Not Disclosed
Email AccountsUnlimited10
Customer Support24/7/36524/7/365
Control PanelPleskPlesk
Money Back Guarantee30 days30 days

Now that I have covered the basic information about these brands, let’s look at how they both match up against one another. Generally, there are many factors to consider when it comes to ASPHostPortal vs. Host4ASP comparison. But, in this comparison, we will consider 8 major metrics.

1. Speed and Overall Performance

This metric is perhaps, the best factor to consider when comparing these ASP.NET web hosts. Actually, it separates the best hosting firm from a bad hosting firm.

Generally, website visitors are impatient and they don’t have time to waste on websites that freeze or load slowly.

Research shows that the maximum amount of time that most users wait for a site to load is 2 seconds. Thus, a site that takes longer than this to load has a higher bounce rate.

To enhance performance and speed, an ASP.NET host must therefore invest in and manage infrastructure as well as the necessary hosting resources. This maintains high speed and better performance of their servers.

To compare speed and performance of ASPHostPortal and Host4ASP, experts have done a speed test of the pages of sites that are hosted on ASPHostPortal and Host4ASP.

With the other factors, including network and Dotcom Monitoring tool being the same, web sites that are hosted on ASPHostPortal have been proven to load faster. The fastest load time for sites on ASPHostPortal is usually less than 1.7 seconds while the average time taken to load is 2.7 seconds.

On the other hand, the fastest load time for websites on Host4ASP is 3.8 seconds and the worst load time is 9.7 seconds.

ASPHostPortal Speed Test:

Host4ASP Speed Test

Therefore, when it comes to speed and web performance, ASPHostPortal wins. Speed and performance are critical factors to consider when choosing a ASP.NET host. That’s because Google includes a site speed in the criteria that it uses to rank websites.

Thus, a low-latency page loading can affect placement of a website in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

2. Uptime and Downtime/ Reliability

Generally, the industry uptime standard is 99.9%. Host4ASP has a worse uptime record than ASPHostPortal.

And, while ASPHostPortal guarantees its clients 99.9% uptime, Host4ASP doesn’t provide such a guarantee. Nevertheless, it serves website pages as expected over 99.9 percent of the time. Therefore, in terms of reliability, ASPHostPortal might be the best option.

What’s more, ASPHostPortal also provide a service called DNS Failover which means if the server is down, it switches to another server. That way, your site is always up.

3. Support

The ASP.NET hosting plans for both ASPHostPortal and Host4ASP include 24/7 technical support. But, the quality of this support differs and so do the opinions of the clients.

However, some clients note that the quality of the support that Host4ASP offers has been going down over the recent past in terms of wait times. Nevertheless, this can be subjective experience of some clients.

With ASPHostPortal support, one thing stands out. ASPHostPortal support is amazing according to many clients. Their customer support really knowledgeable and know how to fix your problem on the spot.

4. User Interface

Both ASPHostPortal and Host4ASP have the Plesk Control Panel. This program is becoming a default for ASP.NET hosts across the globe. Every firm has now customized the back end of its Plesk making it quite easy to use.

5. ASP.NET Hosting Plans and Pricing

ASPHostPortal offers Windows and Linux hosting while Host4ASP provide Windows Hosting only. However, both hosts offer frequent specials. They also break down their tiers differently and these tiers have different prices.

Additionally, each ASP.NET host offers a discount off their normal prices for the introductory period. However, customers must pay the full price while renewing their plans.

6. ASP.NET Hosting Features

As mentioned, both ASPHostPortal’s hosting plans and Host4ASP’s come with tiers that do not line up.

But, the core features of a ASP.NET hosting plan are basically the number of sites or domain names that you can assign a site on an account, database or the unique site installations on a hosting account, and disk space or the amount of stuff that can be put on a server.

If you have a small website, go for the Host Intro package by ASPHostPortal. You can host 1 website with $1.00/month only. You can also use Host4ASP Basic plan, but they are quite expensive than ASPHostPortal.

For the other packages, things are slightly different. ASPHostPortal hosting plan is more interesting than Host4ASP. ASPHostPortal has offer unlimited hosted sites on their Host One plan while Host4ASP only offer 6 websites on their Advanced plan.

However, Host4ASP offers an Unlimited disk space on their Advanced plan, but this unlimited here doesn’t mean that you can upload big video files, you may need to read their terms and conditions to avoid any suspension to your account

Memory limit is also a crucial hosting feature especially for ASP.NET hosting. That’s because it limits the amount of resources that a shared hosting account gets to produce a site whenever a visitor loads it. Thus, more memory leads to improved load time.

In turn, this means that more visitors will be allowed to your site before it crashes.

Before 2014, ASPHostPortal and Host4ASP limits initially, it is 256 MB. However, on their lowest plan, Host4ASP doesn’t support for IIS Remote Management and also WebDeploy.

Overall, ASPHostPortal provides better features than Host4ASP.

7. Money Back Guarantee

Both ASPHostPortal and Host4ASP with a 30 days money back guarantee with its pro-rated refund policy. Before this, you can opt to switch to a different host if you are completely dissatisfied with their services.

8. Final Conclusion

Both ASPHostPortal and Host4ASP are upstanding ASP.NET hosting.

However, ASPHostPortal is currently the highest performing host although Host4ASP offers different products in addition to hosting services. And, if you need ASP.NET hosting, ASPHostPortal is definitely the best option.

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