Founded back in 2001, A2Hosting provide wide variety of web hosting services. They started from Linux hosting first and then they spread their wings to Windows Hosting. They have been the priority choice for beginners because their cost-effective solutions. However, in the past 4 months, they continuous decrease like speed and technical support and finally BOOOMMMMMM!!!! At past Apr 2019, they had issue with their Windows Server, all their Windows Server down!!

What happened with them? We followed about their news, their social media, users’ experience, and we found that their windows server have been attacked. A ransomware infection has crippled A2hosting until today and it impacted to all of their Windows Server.

The following is few status that we find on their Twitter timeline:

Customers can’t get their data and all works are gone, A2Hosting work as best as they can to recover their data. We have monitored them until now and most of the files can’t be recovered. Maybe if you read this article, you are one of their customers.

TIME TO MOVE ON! Honestly, this is big lesson for us, we can’t ever trust hosting provider, if we have important files, that we may need to backup it on our end. So, if bad things happened, we can just migrate to other providers and no need to wait anymore.

Maybe you are asking me about other ASP.NET hosting providers that can be trusted. I will share it here and this is my personal experience using their ASP.NET hosting service. Although they are not big as EIG or other famous hosting providers, but this is unbiased review and you can consider them if you are looking for best and reliable ASP.NET hosting.

3 Best A2Hosting ASP.NET Hosting Alternatives

ASPHostPortal – Top Notch ASP.NET Hosting

Founded in 2008, ASPHostPortal has multiple data centers located across the world, 10+ years of industry experience, 24/7 guru support, and foolproof security measures to protect against prying eyes. They have a broad range of web solutions for developers, programmers, and individual to run a smooth ASP.NET website.


#1. Affordable ASP.NET Hosting Solution

ASPHostPortal stands in the top spots when it comes to cheap ASP.NET hosting as all of the plans no matter shared, cloud hosting, or reseller hosting. all are insanely affordable and yields all the bells and whistles. You get reasonably priced shared account packed with 1-click apps installer, major CMS compatibility, and TurboServer optimized for screaming performance.

#2. Free Site Migration

Have problem migrating your site? Yes, ASPHostPortal will help you to migrate your ASP.NET site to their server. They will help you to migrate all your site to their server without any single fee.

#3. SSD Turbo Server

Only solid state drives alone cannot improve the loading speed, this is where ASPHostPortal Turbo servers, multi-layer cache, and server level caching comes in the game and enhance the performance drastically.

With this turbo server, your site will run faster than other providers. I have tested their server speed and the result are really amazing. You can see the result below:

It only take 1 second to load entire website. Wow…. This is really insane! I have tried many ASP.NET hosting providers previously, and overall it takes 3 seconds to load.

#4. More than 10 Data Centers Across the World

This is a useful option that helps in lowering the ping latency thus your site load quickly. ASPHostPortal has more than 10 data centers to load your ASP.NET site quickly. You can choose their US data center, London, Milan, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Milan, Chennai, Singapore, Sydney, HongKong, Brazil. This is big advantages choosing their ASP.NET hosting service.

#5. Customer Support ALWAYS Ready anytime you like!

ASPHostPortal is known to provide highly professional support in the industry. Where A2Hosting is not showing consistency in delivering customer support, ASPHostPortal’s support is always quick. They are friendly and well knowledgeable. Plus, you can consult about your ASP.NET issue. They will help you in code problem.

HostForLIFEASP.NET – Premier European ASP.NET Hosting Service

They have state of the art infrastructure built with advanced technologies and latest hardware to deliver the fastest ASP.NET website loading speeds. The company has multiple data centers located in the Europe making it possible to provide low latency. One of the most noteworthy things about them is prolonged refund policy. Currently, offering shared, cloud, Dedicated, and Reseller hosting services with 99.9% uptime guarantee.

#1. Unlimited SSD Storage and Bandwidth

Usually ASP.NET hosting providers allow a specific amount of storage data but with HostForLIFEASP.NET, you’re allowed to store unlimited data with no monthly bandwidth cap. The most significant thing that makes HostForLIFE the best alternative to A2Hosting is they use solid state drives for storage hence resulting in 20x faster loading.

#2. Value for Money Plans

Everyone loves to get the best money-value ratio, right? This is where HostForLIFEASP.NET has the edge over A2Hosting as they accommodate not only 1 domains on the very basic plan but also free website migration. Basically, other hosting providers will charge for migration fee, but you don’t need to worry with HostForLIFEASP.NET. All is FREE of charge!

#3. Multiple Data Centers Location

HostForLIFEASP.NET allows you to choose from their US (Dallas), and Europe (Amsterdam, London, Milan, Frankfurt) data centers. The closer server to audience allows data to travel to the user hence your site load quickly.

#4. Insane 24×7 Customer Support

Whenever you need assistance, you are just a few clicks away to get in touch with customer support. They are really commit in give the best support to their customers.

UKWindowsHostASP.NET – Blazing Speed UK ASP.NET Hosting

If performance, uptime, and expert support are the most crucial factors for you, then UKWindowsHostASP.NET is an excellent A2Hosting alternative to choose under budget. They provide enterprise-level solutions backed by cloud SSD’s, RocketBooster, Firewall, and free SSL certificate. With cutting-edge security measures, you get secure ASP.NET hosting with daily backups. On top of that, sturdy account isolation ensure promised resources for each user.

#1. Exceptional Uptime of 99.99%

Cloud servers are well known because of reliable uptime and ability to maintain stability during sudden traffic spikes. So, they combined the power of cloud architecture with solid state drives (SSD) and optimized the entire network for matchless performance. Their SSD cloud retrieves the content 300% faster, handle multiple data requests efficiently, and reduce downtime.

#2. Security

Due to an increase in security threats, UKWindowsHostASP.NET takes strict security precautions. Their in-house server monitoring system which not only scans for the current issues but also intelligent to find the potential issues and fix them. Furthermore, account isolation will protect each account separately so that if in any way an account got malicious it will not affect the others on the server. Also, there is an active web application firewall and automatic security patches.

#3. Brilliant 24×7 Customer Support

In customer support area, UKWindowsHostASP.NET has a clear edge over A2Hosting. They always show a quick response. Alternatively, you can make go through their knowledge base.

Conclusion – Which is the Better 2019’s A2Hosting ASP.NET Hosting Alternative?

So these are some A2Hosting ASP.NET hosting alternatives which are the BEST as per our personal experience. We here at TopReviewHostingASP.NET, recommend ASPHostPortal and HostForLIFEASP.NET. These providers composed their plans differently like ASPHostPortal offers free SSD storage, TurboSpeed feature, and plenty of data centers, while HostForLIFEASP.NET allows you to host unlimited domains on the single account with unlimited web space. 

So, which one you’re going to choose? Don’t get wrong again!

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