This is example of Detecting Session Timeout and Redirect to Login Page in ASP.NET, session timeout occurs when user is idle for the time specified as in web.config file.

1st Method

In web.config file, set the sessionstate mode to inproc and authentication mode to Forms

I’ve created three pages in this example , one is login page , when session expires , I redirect to this page , one is navigation page where I’ll check if session is valid or not , if it is valid than only user will see this page other wise he gets redirected to login page.

Add Global.asax class file in root of your application or website.
This method works only if Global.asax is present in application.

Write below mentioned code in Page_Init event of the page where we want to check for session timeout.

we can also put this code in in a class and inherit all pages of application from this class acting as base class for all pages to check for session timeout.



2nd Method.

Code for Default.aspx

And the code behind for this page is like

On the page where we want to check the session has timed out or not, we need to check it in the Page_Init event of the page , if session is not null than user will be able to go to the page other wise he will be redirected to login page.

And the Code behind for this page is

If we need to check this in all the pages of application than we can create a BaseClass and write the above mentioned code of CheckSession and Page_Init part and drive all ur pages from this class by typing BaseClassName in place of System.Web.UI.Page and it will check all pages for session timeout every time page is loaded

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