You won’t find just any hosting company like The company not only provides cloud hosting, but also enables e-commerce enterprises to appropriately scale their cloud infrastructure by utilizing creative and adaptable autoscaling. As a result, retailers won’t lose sales to outdated web technologies thanks to 100% uptime, blazingly fast performance, and strong security.

It’s likely that, as an online retailer, you’ve encountered a difficult situation when trying to plan for varying web traffic.

In the end, it’s a gamble. You can either carefully allocate resources to save money or buy additional capacity to handle demand spikes that might never materialize, but the latter will cost you sales in the event of an unanticipated spike in traffic.

But it doesn’t have to be that way thanks to contemporary technology.

With the help of auto-scaling technology, enables e-commerce companies to instantly access infinite capacity and only pay for the resources they really use.

According to Robert, VP Marketing at HostForLIFE, “We want to make the cloud so easy for retailers to use that it’s like a utility.” “You can cut costs by up to 75% while guaranteeing you’ll always be covered in the event of a traffic surge because the infrastructure is right-sized.”

With the ability to predict traffic increases, HostForLIFE’s real-time and predictive auto-scaling can scale in advance of demand, ensuring 100% uptime. Today, over 3,000 retail locations employ this technology to maintain their websites up and running smoothly, even during periods of high traffic.

“We differentiate ourselves from most companies with conventional, server-based roots by having been born in the cloud,” he stated. These businesses typically use antiquated private clouds. Additionally, they use standard toolkits from public cloud providers in a piecemeal configuration that necessitates close supervision.

A Pioneer in Infrastructure and Cloud Computing

“Instead of scaling up by adding more servers, the paper explored how the cloud could be used with predictive algorithms to scale out network infrastructure,” according to Robert. “The objective was to provide e-commerce companies with appropriately sized infrastructure during unexpected surges in traffic and to do so consistently, anticipating demand so retailers never hit those walls that cause a site to slow down or crash.”

Robert started turning his paper into a product in 2012, right around the time cloud computing was starting to gain traction in mainstream markets. Due to the success of the final prototype, Robert started concentrating on raising money for a company. Following the receipt of seed funding, the company was formally founded in 2013.

Robert stated, “We are a technology company at our core. We are also a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider with an e-commerce-specific technology stack. We’ve added end-to-end security, wrapped everything in automation, and spent years concentrating on predictive scaling.”

The business currently has offices in London and Amsterdam. The team is still committed to achieving its original goals, which include becoming the go-to business for e-commerce cloud solutions and offering a single platform with 100% uptime, limitless scalability, excellent performance, and superior security and control.

An Unusual Method for Offering Customer Service

With HostForLIFE’s extensive feature set enabling high uptime rates, disaster recovery, and peak performance, Robert has no shortage of material to present HostForLIFE’s offerings from behind the tradeshow booth.

However, he informed us that the company’s outstanding customer service, rather than its cutting-edge technology, is what he loves most about HostForLIFE to share with others.

“We take great pride in upholding our core value of delivering results regardless of the circumstances,” Robert stated. “Ecommerce companies frequently cite support as the reason they switched providers—they’ve experienced some serious pain, whether it’s a security breach or an outage at the worst possible time.”

Customers of many hosting companies are forced to use tier-based support systems, which is a tactic that frequently results in longer resolution times, irate clients, and lower customer satisfaction ratings. Webscale adopts a very different strategy.

According to Robert, “We turned conventional support on its head.” “As a mid-market retailer, 30 minutes of downtime can cost you thousands of dollars, and if you’re an enterprise-grade ecommerce provider, it can cost you millions of dollars in the ecommerce space.”

Every support ticket at HostForLIFE is routed directly to the top tier. Robert stated, “If it’s an urgent fix, they’ll get it done right away.” They will move it to level two if it is a less urgent matter that will take more time. We always give you access to the best people first, and we back it all up with a critical SLA of 15 minutes. In actuality, our team resolves the majority of problems in under ten minutes.

A streamlined support process is another benefit of automation. According to Robert, HostForLIFE handles the majority of issue responses automatically before involving a human.

He claimed that “our product is almost a level zero support agent in itself.” “It has the ability to make informed decisions about events occurring within the infrastructure and implement the necessary adjustments to avoid any problems affecting the security, uptime, or performance.”

Enhancing Automation and Security

Regarding the future, the HostForLIFE team intends to intensify its attention to security. In 2024, the company enhanced its product with features like content security policies, intrusion detection, anomaly detection, and multifactor authentication, and it intends to maintain this momentum.

According to Robert, “we’re already, I think, the safest e-commerce hosting provider out there, and we plan to take that even further in 2024.” “We’ll keep concentrating on the HostForLIFE Cloud Security Suite going forward because it is extremely secure.”

Additionally, HostForLIFE will advance its automation technology to support clients in processing and comprehending traffic data even more.

“We had to first figure out how to convert legacy e-commerce applications to run in the cloud,” stated Robert. “It entailed transitioning to the realm of DevOps and decentralized cloud proxies.”

After that, according to Robert, HostForLIFE concentrated on automation and monitoring, and it will still do so in the future.

“With more than 5,000 clients, we are able to process billions of requests daily and search through trillions of requests annually to extract valuable data. Because of our understanding of our customers’ infrastructure, we were able to block 300 million cyber threats over the course of Black Friday weekend alone,” he said. Therefore, in the upcoming year, we will keep putting a lot of effort into enhancing our visibility and security stack and will keep automating wherever we can. Our ultimate goal is to provide our customers with flawless shopping experiences and peace of mind.

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