These days, having a secure website is essential. Every day, cyberattacks take place all over the world, and without adequate security, you run the risk of a great deal of things going wrong. Your website might disappear altogether or suffer irreparable damage.

Even worse, you might endanger your guests as well.

You should do your best to maintain the security of your hosting environment in order to avoid all that. Choosing a secure web hosting provider is the key consideration here. While many will assert that they are the safest available, take your time and learn more.

Do they provide all the essentials, including SSL, server firewalls, automated backups, and DDoS protection? Perhaps you can also receive a free malware scan or domain privacy?

Therefore, we were interested to learn about the market for truly secure web hosting services. Not only those who have a minimal set of tools, but also those who will keep your website under 9 locks. The top 3 service providers over the years are listed below.

Top Best Secure ASP.NET Hosting

1. ASPHostPortal


One of the most secure ASP.NET hosting cases in the market for shared hosting is ASPHostPortal. The host not only provides a wide range of fundamental and cutting-edge security tools, but also integrates them into each of its plans. Even though the provider is slightly more expensive, you get much more than you expected.

Here is a list of what ASPHostPortal includes so that you can better understand how secure it is.

Basic security equipment:

  • Free SSL certificate.
  • Automated daily backups distributed through remote data centers (advanced on-demand backups available with Host Two, Host Three plans, or above).
  • 2-factor authentication when you access your hosting services.
  • The provider checks for a high number of failed login attempts to the account.

Advanced security tools:

  • Account isolation – ASPHostPortal uses a custom server setup to isolate shared hosting accounts from each other. By doing this, the host shields every user from the weaknesses of other accounts on the same server.
  • Updates and patches – ASPHostPortal uses both routine updates and internally written security patches to keep its software secure.
  • A real-time server monitoring system – The service provider has a custom monitoring system that runs checks on the server every 0.5s. There is also continuous human supervision.
  • AI anti-bot system – To identify any suspicious activity, artificial intelligence analyzes data from ASPHostPortal’s servers. AI will automatically take the necessary actions if it notices activity that resembles that of a bot.
  • Anti-Hack systems – ASPHostPortal has a unique Web Application Firewall to which they continuously add a large number of security rules. This is done to safeguard your ASP.NET website or any other application from newly discovered vulnerabilities.
  • Spam protection – By filtering both incoming and outgoing emails, spam can be more easily identified. It can also quarantine emails that appear suspicious.

In general, ASPHostPortal goes above and beyond in terms of website security. The host gives you everything you need and then some to ensure that no threat catches you off guard.

ASPHostPortal Pricing

In terms of cost, ASPHostPortal offers 4 basic shared hosting packages for between $1.00 and $11.46 per month.

All three plans include free SSL, native CDN, daily automatic backups, email accounts, Anti Virus/malware, caching, and unrestricted bandwidth regardless of which one you choose. While there are many similarities among all plans, there are also clear differences.

  • Host Intro ($1.00/month) – includes a single website restriction, 10GB of storage, and a 10,000 monthly visit cap. This strategy works well for a single, smaller website, such as a blog or a showcase website.
  • Host One ($3.81/month) – includes 5GB of storage and 15,000 monthly visit limits while allowing hosting of an unlimited number of websites. You also receive on-demand backup copies, staging, and an Ultrafast ASP.NET in addition to Host One’s resources. This would work well on small websites.
  • Host Two ($7.21/month) – includes 15GB of storage and 25,000 monthly visits while allowing hosting of an unlimited number of websites. You also get staging, an Ultrafast ASP.NET, and the resources of Host Two. This is a strong candidate for medium websites.
  • Host Three ($11.46/month) – comes with 50GB of storage, a 100,000 monthly visit cap, and unlimited websites. A white-label feature and priority support are included in Host Three benefits as well. Larger business websites or the needs of a reseller will be best served by this plan.

ASPHostPortal Performance

When it comes to performance, it is obvious that ASPHostPortal doesn’t skimp. The speed was really impressive, and the site stayed online longer than promised.

A standard 99.9% uptime guarantee is provided by ASPHostPortal. Only 1 outage or 3 minutes of downtime occurred during the nearly two months of testing, though. Overall, a 99.99% uptime is very reliable. Definitely much better than promised.

We have tested from 12 networks and as you can see above that ASPHostPortal websites only take no more than 1 second to load.

Additionally, ASPHostPortal offers 12 server locations to maintain excellent speed regardless of where your audience is located. There are several countries to choose from, including Australia, Singapore, Germany, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, France, Italy, India, Canada, Brazil and the UK in addition to the US (Washington and Seattle). Choose the one that is closest to your visitors for the best results.

In conclusion, it is clear from ASPHostPortal’s performance that the host takes reliability and speed seriously. One of the top performances among companies offering shared hosting is this one.

In general, ASPHostPortal is a very secure web host. It provides an impressive number of tools, the majority of which are internal creations.

2. provides safe ASP.NET hosting for more compact and private websites. The host offers two very affordable plans that can be used either long- or short-term. Despite the limited selection, you can rest easy knowing that both plans are fairly secure. has a fairly slim selection of security features when compared to the other providers on this list. But don’t let yourself be duped. All of the major threats that could affect your website are handled by the host.

Basic security components

  • Let’s EncrypSSL certificates.
  • Automatic daily backups.
  • Multi-factor authentication when you access your hosting services.
  • Cloudflare CDN can be set up from the dashboard to protect against DDoS attacks.

Advanced security features:

  • Domain privacy protection – Any visible personal information you might have provided to register your domain with the WHOIS database is hidden by Your name, address, and any other pertinent information are examples of sensitive information that is made publicly available.
  • HackScan – is a continuous, active malware defense. HackScan is designed to thwart attacks before they hurt your website.
  • Dual firewall – The host has a network firewall in addition to server firewalls. The combination of the two enhances the security of your website against unauthorized visitors.
  • In-house malware database – In order to identify its signature and stop a potential breach, the provider maintains a large database of malware scripts.

To put it simply, offers ridiculously low prices for the security you receive. The host takes excellent care of its internal security procedures. Just a few things need to be set up. The rest has been handled. Pricing

Four ASP.NET hosting plan are offered by Classic (€3.49/month), Budget (€5.50/month), Economy (€8.00/month), and Business (€10.99/month).

Regardless of which plan you choose, all of them come with a free SSL certificate, a Cloudflare DNS firewall, automatic weekly backups, and at least one email account. A free domain is also included in the Budget plan or above plans. As for the differences:

  • Classic Plan – Bandwidth for 25,000 monthly visits. Small-to-medium business websites would benefit from this plan.
  • Budget Plan – 100,000 monthly bandwidth visits, a free CDN, and daily automated backups.
  • Economy Plan – unrestricted bandwidth, a free CDN, Cloudflare, and daily backups that are automatically performed.
  • Business Plan – unrestricted bandwidth, a free CDN, Cloudflare, and daily backups that are automatically performed. performance has proven to be incredibly reliable and reasonably quick.

Similar to the majority of providers, offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee, but in practice far exceeds it. The service provider maintained a flawless 100% uptime over the course of two months by not experiencing even one outage.

When the response time was examined, the average was approximately 436ms. Even so, the time is still less than the market average of 600 milliseconds. We do, however, wish it were a little bit quicker.

However, by picking a server location that is close to your intended audience, you can increase speed. Additionally, there are seven countries offered by for shared hosting: France, the Netherlands, Germany, the UK, France, Italy, and the United States. Your website will load more quickly the closer your server is to your audience.

Overall, HostForLIFE’s performance ratings are excellent. There are many server locations to choose from, the uptime is flawless, and the response time is quicker than average.

In summary, is a very affordable, very safe, and very trustworthy host. This provider truly qualifies as one of the most secure ASP.NET hosting, thanks to its numerous security features, including monitoring, patching, and regular updating.


The best thing about is how quickly it performs. But in addition to being quick, the host is also stocked with security tools. From a free SSL certificate to more sophisticated features like server hardening, everything is available. truly deserves to be listed among the top safe ASP.NET hosting providers.

Basic security components:

  • Free SSL certificate.
  • DDoS protection – the host keeps you safe against increased malicious traffic from many compromised computer devices.
  • 2-factor authentication when you access your hosting services.
  • Automatic backups (except the Personal plan).

Advanced security features:

  • Scanning and monitoring – continuously keeps track of uploaded files. It stops users from unintentionally uploading malicious or compromised files by including file uploading and script scanners.
  • Web Application Firewall – uses a cutting-edge web application firewall to monitor, analyze, and stop unwanted traffic to your application in order to protect the data of both you and your visitors.
  • In-house malware database – In order to identify its signature and stop a potential breach, the provider maintains a large database of malware scripts.
  • Inter-Insurance recovery package – With, you get a pretty unique package that looks into the causes of any issues, restores your site to its original state, and works to stop them from happening again in the future.

Overall, does everything possible to provide secure ASP.NET hosting. Your website will be hosted on secure servers, and the host will make every effort to keep it secure. Pricing

With prices beginning at INR103.99//mo, offers 4 ASP.NET shared hosting plans.

All plans come with an unlimited amount of bandwidth, a free SSL certificate, DDoS defense, brute force defense, virus scanning, and a dual firewall. Furthermore, all plans offer automatic backups aside from the entry. not a domain, though.

  • Personal Plan – includes 1GB of storage and 1 domain. The package is very generous for just one website and would suit a larger blog or a more modest commercial website.
  • Developer Plan – comes with 3GB SSD storage and supports connecting countless websites. This strategy works best on one small to medium-sized site or a number of smaller ones.
  • Business Plan –is hosted on an extremely quick turbo server. Furthermore, it offers unlimited NVMe storage, staging, cloning, 1-click security hardening, and security rollback in addition to Drive’s existing features. This is the strategy to use if you want performance and high levels of security.
  • Expert Plan – This strategy and Business plan are very comparable. You also gain a little bit more physical memory. You might take this option into account if your website is fairly large and contains lots of imagery. Performance

Performance-wise, delivered excellent results. The uptime actually exceeded the guarantee, and the response time was respectable. maintained the website live 99.99% of the time during the two months of testing. Even though it is already impressive on its own, the official uptime guarantee of 99.9% makes it even better.

Additionally, the speed aspect did not let me down. Only 231 ms on average, less than half of the market’s average response time. very quick indeed.

Additionally, hosts websites for India and US-based users. Simply put, the performance will be at its best for India audiences.

In a nutshell, showed off performance results that were both quick and dependable. Nothing to complain about here.

For small and private websites, is a very secure ASP.NET web host. The provider provides some excellent tools. However, you might require a little more if you want to manage a website that might deal with sensitive data.

What tools make a website secure, and why is website security important?

Whatever website you run, it needs to be secure. either for the benefit of you or your customers.

Security flaws could have costly repercussions for you, your website, or your visitors:

  • Your private information may be made public and used maliciously,
  • Your website might experience a breach or other damage,
  • malicious attacks may break your server’s stability and cause downtime,
  • A non-secure online store runs the risk of losing customer data and payment information.

All of these don’t seem like fun. A website can be fixed, but your reputation might be damaged for a very long time. Because of this, selecting secure hosting is crucial.

The required level of security will vary greatly depending on your site and what it is intended for (a straightforward blog or an eCommerce). What tools do you need, and for what purpose?

Basic Security Package

Even if you manage a small ASP.NET website or personal blog, you should keep it safe. It’s likely that simple security measures will be sufficient to protect your website from the majority of threats. A minimum SSL certificate, automatic backups, a firewall, and DDoS protection are all things to look for in a hosting provider.

  • SSL certificate, also known as Secure Sockets Layer, is a security protocol that establishes an encrypted and secure link between a web server and a web browser, i.e., between a website and a user. Simply put, SSL secures an internet connection so that nobody with malicious intentions cannot eavesdrop on data being transferred between two systems.
  • Automatic backups save copies of your site automatically. In case of any attack or hacking of your current site, you should be able to restore the last version.
  • A firewall is a tool for network security that keeps an eye on both inbound and outbound network traffic. A firewall, when necessary, either permits or blocks traffic using a set of predefined security rules. Your traffic will be more secure the more regulations there are.
  • DDoS protection keeps track of, finds, and stops malicious attacks that are made against the server traffic. An increase in traffic is intended to obstruct the operation of your website, prevent users from accessing it, or even overwhelm the origin server.

In conclusion, basic security tools focus on preventing malicious traffic from entering your website or attempting to handle the fallout from unfortunate events. These resources are sufficient for a straightforward blog or a showcase company website (with no transactions). However, additional tools will be required if you intend to manage a sensitive information system or an e-commerce website.

FAQs about secure ASP.NET hosting

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