With a primary datacenter in Seatle and Dallas City flanked by colocation facilities in New York, ASPHostPortal’s reach extends from sea to shining sea with a pit stop in America’s heartland. The strategic locations allow clients across the globe to leverage the connectivity benefits inherent in geographically diverse server placement.

“We have two locations here in the US — our headquarters in New York City, London, and also Amsterdam,” said CEO Dan Carter. “We’re also in the process of expanding to South Asia.”

ASPHostPortal ASP.NET Hosting

Though ASPHostPortal has now cast a wide net over the hosting industry, the company comes from humble beginnings. “We started back in 2008 with knowledge from a telecom perspective as well as some background in SEO,” Dan said. “We had used other hosts for a long time, but we wanted to offer a cheaper and a better service with a shorter response time.”

With that, ASPHostPortal was born. Since its inception, the company’s customer-first mentality and affordable, reliable ASP.NET hosting solutions have led to steady growth and multiple industry awards. Today, ASPHostPortal continues to provide a comprehensive suite of cloud, virtual, and dedicated servers — including innovative SEO hosting plans — housed in secure datacenters across the country. With plans to leverage a new breed of SSDs and open additional datacenters overseas, the forward-thinking company is committed to meeting the evolving needs of its customer base in an ever-changing market.

Several Data Centers Across the World

ASPHostPortal offers a range of hosting plans suited for a variety of users. For those looking for simple resources, the company’s shared hosting plans come with suitable disk space, bandwith, and can also host unlimited domains.

Looking to start your own hosting company? Reseller 10 plans provide a simple and inexpensive solution. For high-traffic sites in need of heightened security and control, ASPHostPortal’s Cloud hosting packages are a viable option.

According to Dan, the company’s dedicated servers can be used for a range of purposes, from gaming services to database management. Managed Dedicated Servers are also available, with 8000 GB bandwidth, 32GB RAM, and the help of a support team ready and willing to handle setup, monitoring, maintenance, and security.

Dan told us longtime clients, choose ASPHostPortal specifically for the connectivity benefits of its centralized New York City location. That’s no understatement: The precise geographical center of the contiguous US is located two miles from Lebanon, Kansas, which is just five hours from Dallas City.

“We’re also serving the third-largest hosting company in Indonesia,” he said. “They chose to move to our location because of the service and performance we provide, as well as the affordable pricing.”

Though ASPHostPortal’s datacenters span the country, the company’s New York location is its true powerhouse. “We have data centers across the world, in Dallas, Seattle, Paris, Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt, HongKong, Singapore, Sydney, Milan, and also Brazil, but as far as our team goes, the innovation happens in New York,” Dan said.

Trust is Everything!

While ASPHostPortal recognizes the challenges inherent in standing up to industry giants like AWS and Azure, the company has no plans to back down. Instead, it aims to provide small and medium-sized businesses with a generous support approach they likely won’t find elsewhere.

“This is a cut-throat industry; every single day there’s a new hosting company popping up and trying to take market share,” Dan said. “We treat each customer as one of our own — and that’s the difference.”

He’s right — great customer service does make a difference. According to a recent survey, 54 percent of US customers said they cut ties with a company due to poor support in 2017. What’s more, 33 percent said friendly and knowledgeable representatives are key to a good customer service experience.

“At the end of the day, it’s about retention,” Dan said. “As long as customers are getting quality services, great support, and fair pricing, things will work out.”


To that end, the company boasts an average response time of about 15 minutes and vows to treat all customers equally, whether they’re paying $50 a year or $1,000 a month. And, whenever possible, the team will go above and beyond the scope of traditional service.

“From time to time, we will connect with the customer through TeamViewer and go in, with permission, to teach them what needs to be done and how to do it,” Dan said. “We have a lot of happy customers.”

When mistakes happen — after all, they’re inevitable in any business — ASPHostPortal strategy is to resolve the issue and use it as a growth opportunity. “You can just make one small mistake and your customer will move to another company, just like that,” Dan said. “Our goal is to learn from our mistakes.”

New Product Launch: ASP.NET SSD Hosting

ASPHostPortal’s existing range of hosting solutions are powered by SSDs, which offer enormous advantages in terms of performance over HDDs. While HDDs rely on spinning magnetic disks to store data, SSDs use nonmoving semiconductor chips that are inherently faster.

Fast-loading sites are essential for SMBs looking to enhance online presence. In fact, Google has used page speed as a ranking factor for desktops since 2010 and factored it into the algorithm for mobile search results earlier this year.

“We started transforming all our servers into SSDs early on,” Dan said. Today, the trendsetting company is already moving on to a new type of SSDs known as PCI Express (PICe). These drives are even faster than traditional SSDs.

“We want to transform all of our SSDs into PCI Express, which will provide twice the speed,” he said. “We’re currently testing out products and trying to keep prices down.”

Whether it’s selecting strategic datacenter locations or determining a winning formula for ROI, ASPHostPortal’s goal is simple — to build a financially stable business that puts clients first at all times.

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